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  1. Hello Dave,

    New here. Own 2005 CS6 Mustang. Silver. With front and hood kit.

  2. Your time will come once I get my pics downloaded Mr. Orange Thong.
  3. Ok, let me set the record straight.... KCMO - Thanks for your kind words...we look forward to seeing you again next year! SCGT - I'm here about once a month on TS....just to keep a hairy eyeball on you. We discussed goats at length. I also have some upcoming pics on the other forum when I return home. Tana/Rob, we loved spending time with you (and Alan/Lisa/Alyssa). It was very kind of you take your normal church day and spend it showing us places you've already seen...very unselfish of you. You are special people and have a very special family. I felt like I already knew you after seeing all the videos and pics on the forum, so I was looking forward to meeting you...and I was not disappointed....thank you!!! HSURB - Thanks for the kind words...you and your wife were very kind to us last year....hopefully we can meet up at a future Shelbyfest. There were no custom keychains at the PacNW event. :jackinbox: Rob, it's a good thing video doesn't exist on my rental car. PJO, it was nice meeting you. And remember...if they call people from Oregon Oregonians...do they call people from Damascus................................... Dumascussers? (get it?)
  4. I've sat in back of mine, not bad for a short ride.
  5. Good thing I got to drive it early in its life. :happy feet:
  6. We are booked for Saturday night only. Rob, we'll be driving down from Seattle Saturday morning. I asked for the "Grabberized" room, so they charged me $10 extra but at least the grease fittings are pointing the proper direction.
  7. No no no, you have it all wrong. You get into COLDwater and HOTrods. :happy feet: Edit: PS Sharon, I'll take the 705HP version.
  8. bad john Rob, I can't see squat in those pics. Where is the Hubble when you need it? Hey wait...Hubble rhymes with "bubble".
  9. Fatal errors are bad in a hospital, not so bad on a forum.
  10. I'd suggest forfeiting of two moon pies and an RC cola.
  11. we expect a post every 10 minutes the rest of the night.
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