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  1. Today my beautiful, trouble-free, well maintained 2014 SHELBY GT500 left my house after been sold with 3700 Miles on it. 2 weeks ago when I had a firm buyer, I stopped using the car in order to keep it safe before the new owner committed to it, and I mistakenly left the fuel tank with 3 miles to empty! Today when the new owner picked up the car to take it on a long journey back to its new home, he got stuck with an ENGINE LIGHT and misfiring... We troubleshoot and could not figure why that happened, as I absolutely never ever had any issues with the car before. After giving some thoughts, I remembered I actually left the tank to almost empty for almost 4 weeks and when we started the car this morning the Engine light came on. BACKGROUND: The car had a STEEDA 93 OCT tune on it, with all stock parts (JUST a TUNE). Before the new owner left my house, we decided to first clear the code with the SCT tuner. Light went off and off he went. 3 miles later he calls me desperately to advise that the car started acting on him (misfiring and light was back on). After carefully thinking of what did I do to the car on the past weeks, I remembered that that car actually had 3 miles to EMPTY and since I did not want to drive it, I used 4 gallons of gas I had in a gas container I kept in the house for my machines (also 93 oct fuel) but 6 or more months old in the plastic container. When he stopped because the car would not go properly, we reverted back to STOCK FACTORY TUNE and off he went and light went off. He also gas-up full tank with 93 OCT. I kept in communication BECAUSE I feel SO VERY BAD...and new owner told me that the car is driving beautifully, however the steady engine light is back on! What the HECK HAPPENED? Anyone have any explanation? Thank you, LCL
  2. NEW NEWS! Spring 2017 NEW GT500 will be available. The only available SVT will be the GT350 coming spring next year. http://horsepowerkings.com/is-ford-getting-ready-to-announce-a-750-hp-svt-mustang/ I am holding on to my 2014 GT500 until 2017, HOPEFULLY. Cheers and Merry Christmas. LCL
  3. Hey buddy I noticed you are running the STOCK CAI body (which is what I want) and you only installed the tube. Can you help me with part number for the TUBE only, and do you need to tune the car if you do that? I need to actually explain to you what I had done and reverted back to stock. Do you mind if I call you or EMAIL with information? Please assist if possible. my mobile is 954-218-4435 Luiz Thakns
  4. Car back from the dealer. The two issues: None resolved. Service depto. advised that the squeaky noise is not a problem, rather normal as it is not so loud, after testing and checking control arms, bars, etc! The transmission/differential whining is said to be normal for the type power train on high performance differential on the GT500. Car is ready and no service performed. I guess I have to live with it! These are the things I sometimes have a hard time accepting when you pay 70K for a vehicle, and a 25K car has absolutely no issues. GO FIGURE. Cheers LCL
  5. Got that and called the Dealer. Car going in for diagnosis. In terms of warranty, Do you think it will be a problem that I have a TUNE and a Cold Air Intake on the car? Thank you again, LCL
  6. Just scheduled an appointment with FORD to see the issues of: 1- Squeaky body/control arms noise under driver's side at low speeds 2- Differential/power train whining noise when in cruise Service depto. advised that if car has a tune/CAI, it voids warranty! Is that correct? as these are not related to engine? Thanks all, LCL
  7. Now, Would it be a problem to take the car to Dealer for diagnosing or warranty fixing it if you have added a SCT tune and a Cold Air Intake? Any inputs are welcome. Thanks LCL
  8. Dear all, I really do not like a squeaky noise coming from under the driver's side of my GT500 . When I am driving with windows open, at local traffic conditions, slow speed I can hear this very bothersome squeaky coming from under the car. I though it was from the breaks, but I am ALMOST sure it is not the breaks, as when I am driving, and the noise appears, I tap the breaks and it continues. It could be from the one of the wheels, or even the frame (chassis). Anyone ever experience that? any inputs would be very helpful. Thank you so much as usual. LCL
  9. Purchased my 2014 in September 19, but was only able to start driving it on October 10, 2014, and today I have 2956 miles on it. Planning a trip from NYC to Miami soon, so that will put another approximately 3400 miles more. Cheers LCL
  10. Just found out it is not part of the warranty, and it can be easily removed as you are only removing the bolt and pretensioner, so it is safe as long as you do not dissemble the seat belt mechanism... Too expensive to have it all replaced! so it will stay as is. Cheers and thank you for all replies. LCL
  11. guys, I always liked STEEDA for mods, but I am so upset and unhappy with a power pack purchased from STEEDA, as the cold air intake does not fit properly in the GT 500. Incredible how can STEEDA sell such a bad and ugly manufactured CAI, IT NEEDS TO BE adjusted after every ride you take the car, as it moves and leaves a gap, allowing air from all over diverting out of where it is supposed to go. Anyway, stay away from STEEDA CAI FOR YOUR GT500. Lots of other better looking and more efficiente CAI out there. Cheers Braztang
  12. Hello there, The noise is from the differential (AXLE) under car when you are cruising you can hear a very loud whining. I owned a 2013 GT500 and had the same noise, but never bother to ask anyone as it was not so pronounced MAYBE. Now I decided to ask you guys out there if you find the same, so I can clear my mind. Appreciate any input. Cheers LCL
  13. Called Dealer and was told that is called PRETENSIONER, It is only sold as the FULL SEAT BELT ASSEMBLY which ends up very expensive. Dealer is not sure if warranty covers it! I told dealer I could just swap from another mustang and do it myself, dealer told me to STAY AWAY as it has an explosive device behind that screw on the assembly, and it can damage your hands pretty bad! Did you guys ever heard of that before! Cheers. LCL
  14. Guys, My 2014 has the driver's side seat belt ARM (the one the clicks and holds the seat belt forward) broken. I wonder if anyone had this issue and how did you fix it? I cannot find this plastic part for sale. Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated. Thank you LCL
  15. Hey guys, I did all STEEDA CAI and TUNE. NOW, I was thinking of a Throttle Body and a Pulley. Can you tell me what is the difficulty level to change the pulley, or you NEED to bring the car into a shop to do it? Also, do you really feel the difference with pulley replacement? Which one did you put on. Thanks a lot in advance LCL
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