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  1. I know adding a 15% lower will help boost psi but I'll be adding cams and that will drop about 2-3lbs. I just had car retuned by lund and found out I was only at 15.6 psi so I'm looking to get an upper pulley that still has the s.s. logo on it and still keep the boost at about 17 psi.
  2. What are your dyno numbers? And are you having the same issues with drivability?
  3. Not to sound mean but I'm glad I'm not alone. That's exactly what mine is doing, hangs about 2000 rpm. What did you dyno at?
  4. Thanks everyone for your input and support. I'll reach to KB and hope that gets resolved but if not I'll just go ahead and have it dyno tune with a Lund tune, I may even throw in a set of cams now that I'm there.
  5. I received a handheld for both sct and kenne bell. The initial problem was that I had tunes from both loaded in my 2013 SS at the same time. SAI had me remove the kb tune and reload another tune they had sent me. It solved some problems but others problems persisted. Which brings me to my original post. Maybe I should contact KB and ask them their opinion.
  6. Yes I had also asked on svtp. Seems to be quite a few problems with their tuning. What a shame, we pay good money and then to have drivability issuse. Really sux, makes me wonder if I should have kept my car stock.
  7. Any of you SS owners have tune issues since you got your cars back? I got my car back and first had wandering idle and engine surging. Was sent a second tune and surging went away but now had hanging idle and idling up. Third tune and still having issues. Finally made an appointment in san antonio with maximum velocity to get it Lund tuned. Kinda disappointed with SAI tuning.
  8. Thanks for the input. I have called multiple companies including the ones mentioned and covered value is great and car is not a daily driver but like to cruise and get a bite to eat. They are kinda picky about stopping to eat or going to a movie. They are also good on mileage as I only put about 3k a year.
  9. Just trying to get some info as to what insurance some of you are using for your s.s. I like to drive mine and will go to the movies or restaurants every now and then and car shows and gatherings. I don't go shopping or stuff like. Just want the car covered but wanna use it. Regular ins. Only covers me to bout 75,000.00 and would like a lil extra. Any help would be great thanks
  10. Very nice and that's good customer service that they are taking care of the issues the car has including the transport. Adding the hole shot will be an awesome upgrade. I have not had a chance to take the car out,it's been raining regularly over here but as soon as it clears up gonna keep checking to see if problem is still there. I'd it persists I'll be giving SAI a call to get it resolved. Thanks for the info
  11. . First sorry have been a ill busy and had not responded to everybody's answers and thanks for the responses. Mine dynoed at 781.56 and 635.85. They told me to drive it so the tune could self adjust and it has gotten a little better but still has the symptoms. I'll be calling SAI again to see what can be done. I see you had it sent back to shelby. Who paid for the transport? 13SS0114
  12. Yeah that's what I was thinking. I ruled out any vacuum leak by checking everything and engine didn't throw any codes. Thanks
  13. First of let me say my 2013 super snake is beautiful. Car has 2000 mi. And did the 850 pkg with headers. I got it back about a week ago but had not been able to drive it much or get on it due to weather but last night took it out and noticed engine would surge in 2nd thru 4th gears rolling on the throttle slowly to little more than half ( felt like it wanted to take off and then would hesitate). I would let off and then clutch and the slowly come to a stop. The engine would then idle up to about 1500 at the stop for a few seconds and then idle down to about 900. Some times after rolling thru the gears and then clutch idle would stay at about 1500 to 2000 rpm then at the stop finally idle down. Power is great but the car is not running as it should. If I roll thru the gears in regular street driving the car is smooth but the idle is still off. Has anyone had this problem? Will be calling shelby tomorrow.
  14. Glad to hear about your "beast" nice name. I'm picking mine up as I send this. I assume your military as you say you are near done there. Hope to catch up with you at mustangfest. Good luck
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