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  1. Most of you won't know me. For several years I haven't gotten on here very much. Nothing personnel against anyone I used to really enjoy the forums. Just a lot has happened over the years and I rarely get much time, I was here during the excitement of the 2007 GT 500 being developed and the huge anticipation we all had as we couldn't wait to get one. I did at only 5K over at a time when some were still paying 15K, and 50 miles away in the color I wanted. Believe it or not it was a daily driver. commute to Orlando every third day. I sold it as it was killing me on gas, Aside from Procharger, I believe I was the first one to supercharge a 2011 V6 Performance package car, Did some mods butJustin could only tune it up to 434 at the wheels. great car and handled much better than the 500 but I missed the torque. Then they brought back the Boss, Having owned 2- 70 Bosses and a 428 Mach one. I couldn't resist, as the plan was to supercharge that. Justin has made some stupid power out of the new 5.0 engine. So I bought a gold one. Well, then I got divorced, So it made sense to keep the 2012 F150 as I have a boat and also buy and sell pontoon boats my friend and I have been restoring for 3 years, One a month usually and we just sold number 50. Anyway. I kept the house and shop and retired from the fire department after 35 years. So I bought the 2011 GT500 with 16K miles on it and enjoy riding once again. I bought the 2008 GT wrecked with only 26K miles on it. Had a shop do the quarter panel as I didn't have time and I finished the rest. I used to own a body shop and have done many high end restorations so it was only money and time. $1500 in paint materials alone. OUCH red is pricey, I use the good stuff so that hurts a bit. I tried to mimic the 69 Boss 302 a bit but incorporated the shaker so its kind of unique. So thats the update, is anybody from 2006 still around and ok? Scott
  2. I have a set I am going to be selling. 2 are slightly scuffed but not horrible. What are they worth?
  3. Ya that post was march of 2010. Wow how things change. Had a brutal and costly divorce Where my Ex or 23 years had a discreet affair. So nice of her. So I had to keep working. No mustangs in my barn. Made sense to keep the 2012 F150 and sell the Boss. But I kept the shop and the house. Today I have 15 months to go as I have to leave at the end of my 60 month DROP. Hard telling what I will do after that. Have been selling a few boats on the side over the last few years, so you never know. Dated a multi millionare for a while. Cute too. Broke up with her and all my friends thought I was nuts. It's not about the money. Been dating a really great girl and we have become really close friends. Hmmm, Smoken hot too. And she has money, great job and retirement too. Again it's not about the money but stability and good decisions have a lot to do with who they are. Like my EX, there are so many freeloaders out there. Will I ever get married again?? Oh hell NO. Even with a well written Pre Nup, you can still spend thousands getting divorced as many family law Attorneys will still try and run the tab up. To sum it up, sometimes people change, and not for the good. Sometimes we get knocked down but ya gotta get back up, dust off and move forward. There's always someone out there who is worse off. Life's good. :-)
  4. I wish to express my condolences to his family, as I can only imagine what they must be going through. Our thoughts are with you. Although I never had an opportunity to meet Mr. Shelby, I guess I lived vicariously through those of you who did. In that respect, like many I feel like He was a personnel friend. His passion for racing and automotive development is something we all share. What he did for the automotive industry and the lives he touched can never be measured. Previous posts and media releases refer to him as a friend, giant, visionary, pioneer, legend, mentor, competitor and hero just to name a few. When I think of Mr. Shelby “class act” comes to mind as through all of his ventures he did them with dignity and admiration and always gave something back. No doubt he has traded his headers for a set of wings. Some have said “it’s the end of an automotive era” Not at all. What he created will never end. With that said: “press on folks, let’s see what we can do to make them faster” It's what he would have wanted.
  5. Had a GT500 enjoyed the stupid power after Justin and I modded it. Fuel was killing me for a DD. Sold it and then built a 11 second V6 premium package Performance package car that handled far better than the 500. It was fast and really fun. (by the numbers as fast as the 500 but it didn't feel like it) I never got over not having the torque. So I had a serious buyer at a great price and sold it. Purchased the boss at $5K lower than sticker. (already titled with 650 miles on it, I got luckey) Love the boss, the harder you put in a curve the better it feels. I will do a couple suspension mods because I know it will make it that much better and I also intend to add headers and a tune (These cars respond really well to this) This car is a blast to drive and should be even better with an additional 40 HP out of it. Now that I have had my taste of three flavors there is no question I would buy the boss again.
  6. Hello Laurie, I don't get on here too much any more and don't post much either. But I got to pop in on this one. Congratulations on Bryan and his distinguished military career. I know you are proud of him. Tell him thank you for serving. What he does for the rest of us is truely one of the most admirable things someone can do. At times it will seem thankless but please reasure him that his sacrifice and dedication doesn't go un recognized. Hope you are doing well. Scott.
  7. The 2013 is sharp no doubt. But I had a Grabber blue V6 Performance package car and every bug, smear or smodge showed up. The car was fast with the supercharger and supporting mods and handled great and all around really fun to drive. But I couldn't resist the Yellow Blaze how it's a bright yellow by day and at night the YB pops under lights as a gold. The try coat with the clear really seems like it shines more. I liked the black accents also. 5K less than sticker might have had a little to do with it also!! The car had been titled with 680 miles on it. It came with the Recaro's, torsen, cover, mats and owners kit also.
  8. I will at or below 60.
  9. I think the duel stage flywheel which is designed and tuned to a specific HP rating also has had a role to play in the failures. Harmonics can do some strange things. There is a aftermarket company with the one piece that has had a failure on the dyno. Possibly more than one. I believe it is specific to the V6 car. If you have a 2011 (not sure what they put in there prior to 2011) My recommendation would be to go to a regular 1 piece flywheel, spec clutch and one piece aftermarket shaft and you should be fine.
  10. I am not sure why Wells Fargo was concerned about your listing. You find a buyer, pay it off and then they release the lein. Corperations have had to take extreme measures to verify identy now that theft is so rampant. There are a lot of sad individuals out there.
  11. Thanks Bill I sent you a message. I really appreciate the lead and assistance. If any body else reads this I would be more than happy to return the favor in the Central Florida area if the y need assistance.
  12. Any TS members in Charleston SC available or know someone who could help us out?. I have a guy who bought my car who is staying there. Seems like a pretty decent guy. (works there but lives in Wash state) He needs assistance replacing a supercharger pulley and belt on his mustang. He does not have access to a shop. He may need a little direction but I believe he can do it himself. Any assistance or leads would be greatly appreciated. Scott. 863-557-6990 regalt87@aol.com Thanks
  13. I haven't been on here for a while. Not much time lately. I did get a different Mustang so I thought I would pop in and say hello. It had 680 miles. #646. Bought it from a forum member of Boss mustangs on line. Drove by my self from Pa to my sisters house in Wash DC. Left at noon the next day and drove straight through to Central Florida arriving at 0500. The seats were so comfortable and the car drove so nice I was able to sleep about half the way!!! 79 mph average speed. 19.6 mpg Slower speed zones average 70 mph and got 20.2 My GT500 had stupid power but handled like crap. My 2011 Supercharged Performance package car was a much better driving car than the 500 and IMO with the way I set it up handled as good as the Boss. Also was faster. I had 2 1970 B2's and regretted selling one of them ever since then. I can't go back to 1970 and buy another new one so I bought the 2012. There are a few improvements I plan to do and it should be good to go. I need to research some of the Mods and maybe ask a few questions then I should be good to go. Headers- the American Racing ones I put on my V6 car were the best made I have ever seen. Great quality but they are $500 more than the Kooks. Any body like the quality of the kooks? Control arms- Everybody makes them and just about any thing on there will be an improvement. I had J&m Hotpart lowers on my Shelby and V6 car and they worked fine. Will see what every body recommends. Used Steeda adjustable upper control arm on both previous cars that worked fine but a lot of noise traveled in from it. Will see what everybody recommends. Fays 2 watts link. It made a huge improvement in the GT500 but not so much in the V6 Performance package car. I am not sure the Boss needs it . But a pan hard bar has it's limitations. What do you think? Hydraulic hood hinges are a nice feature. Oil pressure and amp gauge. It would be nice if a factory 4 gauge set up out of another mustang would fit in the dash. Obviously the installation and function of the sensors will require some research. I will look into that. Any body know? I put a MGW shifter in the V6 car with the MT 82. Biggest noticeable improvement was accurate rapid downshifting. Shorter throw was ok also. Now that I have installed one and had a chance to study the rear mount, I am not so sure the Barton rear mount will be all that is required. Laguns Seca rear spoiler is a must. I saw some pics of a Yellow Blaze car that someone had on it but I can't find them any more. Any body know who's car that was? Ford Synk after market kit looks like a nice feature. I got spoiled with the Phone answering through the radio. Raising the passenger seat kit. OK as far as I know no one makes one yet. I will do some studying of the mount system and see if I can come up with a quality solution. An easy fix would be to incorporate the drivers mount to the passenger seat but the ratchet would be on the wrong side and may not fit due to the console. I guess this will keep me busy for a while.
  14. For all the trouble they should replace them with a shaker.
  15. I don't get too much time to pop in so I haven't been here for a while, so I apologise for the late post. I am very sorry to hear of your loss Robert. I remember reading your posts about his illnesses and praying for his wellbeing. There are no words to provide enough comfort other to say our heart goes out to you and your family in these difficult times.
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