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  1. The paper weights are nice. They're a great example of 3D printing, not cast though.
  2. Good call. Yes, I was at the movie. It was great. Christian Bale stole the show, IMO.
  3. Jim, Please put my name down on the list. I'll start buying some cool die cast Shelby's... L.A.B.
  4. My old boss recovered the entire interior of his 2013 GT500 in leather and suede. It came out very nice.
  5. The cost would gigantic to bury all the lines. I have my own power pole on my property that PG&E maintains. For them to bury that one line they'd have to dig up my driveway, trench up the hill about 100 feet, and repair anything they screw up along the way. That's just one house. There's over 100,000 miles of lines in CA, much of it in very hard to access areas. Once buried, there's risk of water contamination and corrosion. The costs would be staggering. I'd like to see some technology improvements that would instantly notice a power line going down and de-energize it before it hits the ground to arc and start a fire. I think something like that would be a better option. Or cut down the millions of trees that are anywhere near the lines?
  6. Pre Production units. One of the cars I drove had a chassis number like PP00022 or something like that.
  7. Having driven it, I bet a drag radial would get you in the 9's.
  8. Plenty of people don't like stripes and just remove them, even from a new car.
  9. There's a TSB covering the body panel alignment in the rear. Just bring it in, complain, and tell them there's a TSB. They'll find it.
  10. Funny, I learned to love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale when I went to Chico St. There's an easy way to tell if a beer is good or not. If that last warm sip is good, then the beer is good. How's that last sip of Hamms?
  11. It's day 3. I'm struggling to survive. I've resorted to putting my 2 stroke leaf blower gas in my generator to keep the fridge running. Occasionally fighting off hoards of Orcs. Anyone else still struggling from Powergeddon? On a positive note, I still have 4500 gallons of water in the tank on my hill, so the flushing action is still working! Oh, and nice cold Sierra Nevadas in the fridge helps pass the time.
  12. Back on topic... A 2011 GT350 sold at BJ LV (Oct 2019) for $53k, while a 2014 sold for $65k. Anyone know the mileages for the cars that sold? Are the 2014's eclipsing the 2011's in value?
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