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  1. Right on. Grabber Blue widebody convertible 350. Always down for a beer!
  2. I've been several times, and am signed up for this time. What does that have to do with public safety?
  3. Stupid hype? We're in the early stages of a global pandemic the likes that few living people have ever seen.
  4. I saw them play the Santa Clara County Fair back in the 80's. Rescue Me is a great song.
  5. I find it hard to believe you're renting a race car without an explicit insurance agreement, or a cash deposit for the value of the vehicle in place.
  6. It depends. The vast majority of charging stations require you to pay for it. For example, where I work we pay 14 cents per kwh. I've seen them as high as 49 cents. I'm sure there is a tax on the electricity at some level. Most people charge their cars at home. There's all kinds of taxes on my electricity bill.
  7. Here in CA, we pay extra fees on the registration to cover the lost tax revenue.
  8. Look at the bright side. Every EV built means one less car or truck's demand for gasoline.
  9. Is anyone into Pinball machines? I picked up a Star Trek - The Next Generation yesterday. Minty, mint condition. It's never been in a pizza parlor or arcade.
  10. If you're concerned about rusting, put that stainless hardware in vinegar for an hour or so. It'll dissolve the iron from the surface.
  11. What do you think of the dash? I liked the horizontal tach.
  12. Who knows? Communication is very, very poor this year.
  13. Looks like Feb 11 for the 4k Blu Ray release. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ford-v-ferrari-steelbook-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-blu-ray-only--best-buy-2019/6391390.p?acampID=615614&irclickid=y9UxR12yFxyORVd0RHQK3XRkUknU2qwXqT6WSQ0&irgwc=1&loc=y9UxR12yFxyORVd0RHQK3XRkUknU2qwXqT6WSQ0&mpid=1808408&ref=198&skuId=6391390
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