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  1. That sounds right, Jim. Our volunteer fire association trains year round, but not every weekend.
  2. Well, my daddy always said, "there's an ass for every seat!"
  3. I'm partial to my friend's 69 TA convertible! It's very nice.
  4. I'm not going to stick around for the car show, but I am getting Bruiser detailed on Friday by Mario at http://www.madlv.com/ He did a spectacular job last year on my car. You might see if he can fit you in.
  5. I've had both. They'd be pretty equal, stock vs stock.
  6. Sounds good Tom. I'll be getting on 101 South at Bailey Rd at about 6:15 and will meet you at CdF.
  7. I'm planning on jumping on 101 pretty early at Bailey Rd just south of San Jose, then having breakfast at Casa de Fruita with others, then meeting the full Nor Cal Conga Line at Santa Nella on Interstate 5. One thing for sure is you want to pre-pay for lunch in Barstow at this link here. https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/z79-dash-cali19.htm Cali_KR is a Team Shelby Director and will be creating the official Conga Line thread soon! Andy
  8. Yes, yes I have. I've gone for a ride in my friend's 1971 Porsche 914 that he converted to electric. It's got the manual trans still in it. It's also got a steering "wheel" from a DC-8. File photo of what he steers with.
  9. Wow, I thought they were going to follow the Boss 302 model. In just one year, Ford made more than twice as many R's as SAI made GT350's from 11-14.
  10. Didn't Carroll's own personal Cobra have an automatic?
  11. I think what he was alluding to is when you do the math $1750 times 455,000 is 796,250,000 or just shy of $800 Million.
  12. Thanks guys! Here's to trying to improve my golf game in my time off.
  13. I quit my job yesterday! It's nice to change jobs on your own terms. I'm taking four weeks off, and start my new job the Monday after The Bash. I'm pretty excited to do something new, and getting a yuge raise in the process.
  14. I think I'll start referring to my car as a 2013 GT350H-R Super Snake Widebody Invisible Roof Grande Royale.
  15. Not for a GT-H, but for a fairly heavy GT350.
  16. I started thinking about it and I'm back to being a skeptic! For instance, if you look at the first many years of the Mustang you'll see Raven Black over and over. I don't think you should count the EXACT same color more than once. Frankly, you shouldn't count any versions of white more than once either.
  17. I'm thankful there's a handful of colors to choose from. Personally, I wouldn't even consider a car that is yellow, orange, or lime anything. But others seem to love them. I am skeptical of the 800 colors in 55 years. Quick math says that's just over 14 different colors every single year for 55 years.
  18. The hood arrived in great shape. I just need to figure out where to store it since I don't have that much free wall space!
  19. Thanks Dave! It does help. I'll meet all y'all there for lunch. Fiveliter, as we get closer we'll figure out what time to meet. I jump on 101 just south of San Jose at the Bailey interchange. There's a great place to line up a few cars safely on the on-ramp heading south.
  20. I can't believe it's been seven and a half years since I went to Track Attack. I think we were the second group through. Four instructors and six students. Good times!
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