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  1. Can someone at Shelby American set the record straight on the 2007 2008 Shelby GTs? There is a lot of crap information out there online with this car, no one seems to list it anywhere. I've been told that these are nothing more than a dealer package and largely are not considered anything more than a customized GT making them in the total value of any standard 07 08 GT. Can you educate me on what this car is and what it means in auto history if anything? I just bought a 2008 Shelby GT #1162 from the original owner. It's never been registered with the Shelby registry, it will be soon! I still can't get a final number on the production of this car. It's a great car and I have a 13 Shelby GT500, the 08 Mustang Shelby is a blast to drive even though it's not as fast as the 13, but it handles incredibly! (y) Some people that know Mustang history think highly of this car, I'd like to know what Shelby American say about it! (y)
  2. 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT #1162 I bought it last week in California. Paid 11600 for it with 89k miles. Was offered 15500 already.
  3. 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT #1162 I bought it last week in California. Paid 11600 for it with 89k miles. Was offered 15500 already.
  4. 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT #1162 I bought it last week in California. Paid 11600 for it with 89k miles. Was offered 15500 already.
  5. Cool page! Im not seeing anything that indicates track pack. Do all Windows Stickers for the Shelby say Special Order?
  6. SVT TRACK PACKAGE (55S) Only available on Coupes with 821A External engine oil cooler Differential cooler with pump Transmission cooler with pump I cant find anything that says I have this option. Oh well I have the track apps so Im happy. Not that Ill use it much if I did have it, and I rarely drive the Shelby when its hot outside. Love this 13 it is a lot difference than my 12. The front end the way it feels, feels like the old days when I drove my 70 Fastback, very comfortable over the 12 harder riding.
  7. Is there a difference between Track Pack or Performance Pack? How do I know if I have them?
  8. What I like the most is that Shelby had a fair amount of input on this car, and I love its a SVT 20th Anniversary.
  9. Well I did the switch. I loved my grabber blue but I had leased it thinking Id refi and then when I got a chance to do a refi it just made better sense to get the HP at the same time on another car all I could do with the 12 was cosmetic stuff, pulley and tune. Luckily I had the 50th Anniversary rims to throw on the 13 since I had no intentions of letting them go, nor did I want the stock no traction having Goodwill Eagle F1's, BIG DIFFERENCE leased to get a payment. Now I bought this 2013 and dumped the lease! The Michelin Pilot SS Tires are tremendously better! I will answer my own question, this 2013 is a big step up from the 12. The 12 is a nice car but this one you can feel the difference in the suspension, its not as hollow sounding as I used to think my 12 and other S197s were, I'm guessing its either the Bilstein Dampers or the extra enforcement for the bigger motor, regardless this was a good move for me, I love it! The power is noticeably different from the 12, what I can tell is I went from the 373 in the 12 to 331 in the 13 and these 331 just wind out longer therefore moving you faster. I liked the shifter better in the 12 it was smoother to me, but maybe I just need more time in the seat. I like the clutch in the 12 better, but I think once I get the hang of it in the 13 Ill be fine, I've only put about 60 miles on it since last night. I also think the exhaust was a little better at idle than the 13 is, and about the same in WOT. Better pictures coming showing the 50th Wheels on the 13 and a change to my signature picture..
  10. Awesome! I cant wait to drive the 13. Everyone thinks Im crazy wanting to get rid of my 12 for a 13, they say its so minimal its almost not worth it. Especially since my 12 has the 373 gearing over the 331.
  11. We local guys that need this oil just order it in from Napa. I've been using Mobil 1 and just order a couple cases to have around. Filters also. Then I go to a Mobil 1 quick change, provide all the materials for them and watch what they do every second. Cost 12 bucks, plus my own products. Way easier than getting a jack out, draining everything, replacing it, and then having to deal with the left over oil & bottles. It's fairly easy to change oil, and when I go in with the Shelby they are so in awe they barely wanna touch the car. My Mobil 1 place will even let me go into the pit and look under the car. I guess its all in the guys that work at the jiffy lubes etc....Some are capable places.
  12. I have the chance to pick up a 2013 Shelby GT500. I currently have a 2012 which is the 550 HP motor. What I want to know, is stock vs stock with both years. Have anyone of you had a 2011 or 2012 Shelby and then bought a 2013? What I'm wanting to know is there a big difference in the power between the 2 cars. Seat of the pants feel? Or do the cars feel very similar. Ill be driving it later today but I'm not going to be able to beat on it with the seller. So I'm looking for what your Experience is.
  13. I know this is an old thread but I want to verify that you guys running the Black Mamba hoods are having no issues with the MAF sensor or with stalling. Im planning on adding one of these to my 2012 Shelby GT500. Would you guys also say now that after some time has passed, you still feel the quality of the hood is top notch? I would go with the Shelby SS hood, I just cant justify the extra cost, and I have heard the hoods require tons of prep work compared the the Black Mamba. Help please!
  14. What would that cost Jer? Would it be possible to get the Ford Racing cobra on a black matte finished cap? FORD RACING CENTER CAP M-1096-CA
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