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  1. Tell me I am wrong about the 444 HP Boss 302 outperforming the 550 HP GT500 in almost every road test thrown at it. Just read the Car and Driver article in Feb 2012 about the Boss and man the numbers look really really good. I wonder if the dealership will buy back my 2012 GT500 for a clean swap for the Boss 302?
  2. Sounds like two people that have more money than good sense!! Good for you though!
  3. And yours just the same. I wanted either black w/ silver, black on black or silver w/ black. They are so much more aggressive yet classier looking than white or that matchbox car red. You've got a beauty.

  4. I love the silver with black stripes. It was my second choice if I couldn't get the black with silver stripes.

  5. Ford Shelby Cobra GT500
  6. Thanks a lot. I am certainly enjoying driving my new Shelby. But with winter coming I am already dreading the 4 months that it will have to be in the garage. Gotta drive that old pickup truck. But I don't think those stock tires will do much good on the snowy roadways. I am already thinking about what tires I will put on it when they need replacing. I think I will certainly get some tires that will last longer than a year and not cost as much.
  7. I already have a change to my car. The first Shelby I bought was a Racing Red color. It had a very obvious paint defect. The dealership got me a new Black Cobra with the SVT package. It had the delete stripe feature. So it was a solid black. The dealership asked what they could do for me and I said you can put the regular cobra stripes on it in Silver. There was some hemming and hawing about this option that is not available for Shelby's with the SVT package. If they ordered the stripes based on my VIN they wouldn't have sent them. I don't know how they got them in, but I now have the 2012 Shelby GT500 with the SVT package with the Cobra Striping. Not sure if this makes it a bit more unique than others, but I sure do like the striping.
  8. Yes, great tips so far, wondering about any mods that will void the warranty. Are any changes to the default setting a warranty killer?
  9. My dad bought me a mustang when I turned 16. It was 200 cubic inch's of pure slowness. And I managed to wrap it around a tree. Whether it takes 4 seconds to get to 60 or the 12 seconds it took me and my slow mustang to get to 60, either way I would have wrapped it around the tree, cuz the speed limit was 35 and I was 16 and STUPID!! And I wasn't a good kid!!!
  10. I am a new Shelby owner and don't know much about cars, but I do know a couple of things.....I love the sound of my new car and I really love the HP and torque of my new Shelby. I was wondering what would be the next upgrade that you all would make to add a bit more punch to your Shelby. Would be it be adding headers or something else. I was thinking in the 20-30 additional HP range. Thanks for your help, JB
  11. Congrats on the purchase. Nothing like hearing that Shelby start up. What a beautiful sound. I have had three mustangs starting in '69 that had a whopping 200 CI engine, then a 1972 Mach I which I traded for a dodge custom van when I moved to LA in the early 70's. (What a IDIOT I was then). I just purchased a month ago a 2012 Black with Silver stripes Shelby with the SVT Package. I told myself that it would be a weekend car and I would drive my pickup during the week........that ain't happening, I just can't stand knowing its in the garage. I'll post some pic's of the beauty later. JB
  12. I have looked and looked at the Mississippi Region, which includes Kentucky. But I don't see any events scheduled in KY. They all seem to be further south. Any plans for Kentucky?
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