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  1. I had mine (2007 SGT to SGT/SC conversion) done at Tasca in 2012. Dennis Gomez was there and the work was done perfectly. I could have had it done cheaper (without the Shelby Tax) somewhere else, but i wanted it in the registry. If you are on the east coast I would still consider them. After a few years the pedigree will only be worth so much.
  2. I got $29k for my Vista blue vert with 12K miles on it about 1 month ago. I am thinking high 30's at least with a real Shelby SC package.
  3. The only way to get decent money for these cars is to be able to take your time when you sell them. It's a shame. This looks like a great machine and it's going to go too cheap! 10 years from now you will be kicking yourself. GLWS.
  4. Team Shelby Northeast. We are right here Mon.
  5. "Class action lawsuit" = lawyers get $ millions and you and I get $10 towards the purchase of a new clutch.
  6. Saw the same thing at Porsche. Porsche knows they have issues with rear main seals leaking, intermediate shafts exploding, and cylinders cracking on their water cooled motors. I have seen a few repaired out of warranty at Porsche's expense, but it took a lot of effort. If Porsche can't build a dependable motor, what can they do right? Many have left the fold because of this. And Ford not standing behind a part they know is THEIR PROBLEM is just bad salesmanship. I have now owned 5 recent Mustangs, none of which has had even 1 problem, but if I encountered an issue like this clutch situation and Ford did not take care of it I would be p*ssed and driving my last Ford.
  7. In case you have not seen this.... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/best-ford-mustang-models-of-the-past-50-years-2013-12-03?link=MW_story_insert
  8. Very sad. But it must have been a VERY SATISFYING win. Can you imagine?
  9. One thing is for sure. Not many GT350s built. Very Special. Great machine to drive. And very pleasing to look at.
  10. Good choice. Is the KB going to pass US emissions inspections?
  11. Very good idea.I bet it sells some cars also.
  12. Jer, you suggested the extra Shelby tensioner when I did my GT/SC upgrade. It was a good suggestion. And I think whoever suggested that you work for Shelby made a good suggestion. I am happy for you, and happy for Shelby and happy for us - Team Shelby. Great job and good luck.
  13. Do you want a purebred, or do you want a mutt?
  14. OK..this adds weight and performs what usable function? My SGT vert has one and I wish it did not. Like adding tits to a bull.
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