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  1. Looks like he's doing something besides inflating her. Becky is deflated and can't wait until next year to be inflated again.
  2. And don't forget the two different places with dogs in the road. How about that big one just laying dead smack in the middle of the road. LOL
  3. As to Becky, you guys are just jealous that I was man enough to have her as a passenger for two days. Was fun seeing the laughs from people at our stops. As to the trip of next year I think a lot of the same would be nice. Few roads we should cancel, but majority were very nice. Great times, great people and can't aiy until next year.
  4. To all those that missed the rain date, you missed a heck of a good time. Sunday and Monday were absolutely beautiful and Monday the skies were so blue it was unreal. Scott, (our fearless leader), again mapped out a fabulous trip for us all, and as usual lead the way through the angles of danger. He fears no evil and we were with him all the way. All the roads, hotels and restaurants were different than in the past and everything worked out perfect. The only thing that was the same was the town of our kickoff dinner. Those that have joined in the past and those who have never had the opportunity or pleasure to do so, do not realize the hard work Scott puts in for these events. A lot of time and work goes into everything involved and it pays off. *** Not sure who picked our last dinner location, and what an experience it was. Sam took a young man named Vance, under his wing during dinner by teaching him many things about our currency and the meaning behind such. The look on this kids face and eyes was amazing and he yelled and clapped as we all revved our engines and spun some tires as we drove away from his grandmothers restaurant. Memories for all of us and especially for that young man. Don,,,,, We cannot post pictures of Becky, as TS would ban them. Also right now she is so sad and deflated, now that the trip is over. She is pouting because now has to live in her box, until the next time she sees Jim. At that time she will awaken, (blown up), and be happy once again, as she so misses Jim. Ye,s she became my passenger since Vic had the front seat in Jim's car, and boy oh boy, did she bring attention from many people. LOL. Again "Spring Cruisin the Smokies" was a success and we all look forward to next year and thanks Scott for your hard work. Cliff
  5. We are leaving in about an hour. Going to get the absolutely spotless car filthy on the way down. Oh well. Sunday and Monday look like awesome days.
  6. Jim Scott and I are leaving early on Friday for Charleston for the night. Depending on weather, we will all meet up for the runs Saturday, upon you getting there. Drive safe big guy and I look forward to seeing you and Vic
  7. Sorry you can't make it. What a bunch of things happening at once. Next year big guy and good luck with all the issues.
  8. Don, you will make the trip dog. I feel bad every day with my health issues, and I fight it every day, just as you. We need this trip and I need to see you and your lovely daughter, so YES you will be on this trip. NO EXCUSES..... LOVE YOU BROTHER.
  9. It will probably be Don. His call is gt67 - Don - Florida Send him a PM to wake him up. LOL
  10. We shall Doug. Sorry you couldn't make it as I was looking forward to meeting you. Those Florida guys are such pranksters and I felt you could team up with us MidWest guys to keep them even. LOL
  11. Nice.... If anyone else wants to go for an extra day join us. And Jim no blow up dolls and Vic no more chairs..... Lol
  12. Reservations have been changed. WOOHO....ONLY TEN DAYS AWAY...................LOL
  13. I am good for the rain dates as well as going in a day early to hit the Snake as discussed. Jeff cannot make the rain dates due to a conflict at work. Neither hotel has answered their phones yet. Those places crack me up. What a business. That's too bad Doug, Blake and grsy. Hopefully something can change on your parts and at least join us for even one day.
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