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  1. Since I don't have any experience with the other one, I can only speak to the fays2 one, but I can say if you choose that one you shouldn't be disappointed. It's up to track duty, so anything you do on the road it will handle no sweat
  2. The Shelby version of the fays2 is not as adjustable as the regular fays2 you can buy directly from Jim Fay. I'm not sure of the adjustability of the other Shelby watts link since I've never used it.
  3. One is a Shelby designed one, the other is a Shelby special version of the Fays2 built by Jim Fay. The difference between the regular fays2 and the shelby version is it has less adjustment holes (3 vs. the normal 7) to make it shorter as requested by Shelby.
  4. I use the Shelby version of the Fays2 which clamps onto the axles on both my GT500 and Shelby GT. Both have been maintenance free, and the GT500 is a track car (road course) which gets beaten on hard and I haven't broken anything, so the unit is pretty stout and doesn't seem to impact the axles at all. The Fays2 was designed for competition racing in IMSA so you know it can handle the abuse.
  5. My SGT is my daily (GT500 is mostly a track car now). Mine is one of the few autos but it still rocks as a daily driver. Fair warning - you may still find yourself doing some modding. There are some things that Shelby didn't touch when building these cars and so can benefit from improvement just like any other S197. First thing I did was lower control arms and relocation brackets, 1 piece driveshaft, and watts link. Car was good before, but SO much better after. Can't go wrong either way.
  6. One of the best mods I ever did to both my 07 SGT and my 08 GT500. The improvement was a bit more pronounced on the GT500, just cause it's so much more front heavy and being more off balance has more room for improvement, but it's still well worth it on an SGT. Like others have said, the car is just so much more stable and planted. I have no hesitation anymore applying power to push the car through a tight corner as I have no worry of the rear suddenly wanting to break loose on me.
  7. Just wanted to provide a short update: I went with LuLu's suggested setup of DBA 4000 rotors, EBC yellowstuff pads, and the stainless steel lines and that combo was a noticeable improvement. After enough weekends at the track the yellows were toasted and I decided to try their next level more aggressive "track but streetable" bluestuff pads. The blues are even better than the yellows on initial bite and fade resistance. I kept them on since my last track day and have had zero issues with them on the street. About the only annoyance is when you're in a drive-thru line, they tend to suddenly stop and very lightly jerk the car as you come to a complete stop. Eventually you just get learn to modulate them to stop that and it's by no means whiplash levels of jerkiness. Probably gonna try their top pad next once these blues are done - the track only orange stuff pads
  8. @BIKEBOY, I see you have the Shelby Cragar wheels like the 2011 GT350 on your SGT. How did you get those? Are they takeoffs from a GT350? I didn't see GT350 etched into them so I wasn't sure. Would love to get my hands on a set of those thanks!
  9. I should also mention I did find a few of the 18" Razor wheels (non-Shelby version) with the 24mm offset, hoping they'd fit a bigger brake caliper on my Shelby GT. I also have an 08 GT500 (which as the stock 4 piston brembos) which I've used to test-fit these wheels and I can say the 18" wheels with 24mm offset don't quite clear. I mounted them on the GT500 and and they bolted on just fine with the car jacked up, but as soon as I tried to torque the lug nuts the spokes bumped into the calipers...so close, but no cigar. The Shelby versions of the Razors are 20" and 24mm offset so they'll clear just fine but I don't want to go to 20" wheels on the Shelby GT. I wish they made them in 19"
  10. I have the 18" American Racing version of them (American Racing makes them for Shelby, in special sizes). They're not the same size or offset as the Shelby version, as Shelby only has them in 20" and 24mm offset. Mine are 18" and 40mm offset. They clear the stock brake setup but no other calipers which has been a frustration for me
  11. My right muffler appears to have cracked on the inside and now it randomly starts making a vibrating noise. I really like the sound of the original setup on the GT-H/SGT and would rather keep it, but finding any of the original mufflers is proving to be difficult. Model number for those is M-5230-GTA and no one has them; there's a M-5230-GTB but that's the bullitt version. If anyone has done a swap and still has their originals that they'd like to sell, PM me. thanks!
  12. Those are 6 piston calipers, so that's a definite no with the stock 8" wide SGT wheels. You can't even fit 4 piston calipers with the stock wheels. Now if you're willing to upgrade to some bigger wheels then your options are much better
  13. Oh yeh, at 550 the 255's will absolutely not handle the power. My GT500 has 275/18's out back and I can spin em all the way into 4th if I wish.
  14. FWIW I moved up from the stock size of 235/50/18 to 255/45/18 6 months after I bought the car. That little extra width in the rear was the sweet spot for stock power levels - I can still spin em on launch if I want to, but otherwise once I'm going the tires hook in at full throttle and get all of the power to ground which is what I wanted from this car (I have an 08 GT500 for the days I want a wild spinning monster to drive). didn't need to go wider up front but I wanted to keep the same dimensions so I could rotate the tires regularly (that -1.5 of camber up front will eat up the insides of front tires if not properly rotated). The small width increase didn't negatively impact the nimbleness of the car while providing the optimal grip for the stock power levels so I was extremely please with that. I have a 400HP FR Whipple kit waiting to go on the car when I get off my butt and do it, and I'm really hoping the 255's are still adequate at that point cause I think going any wider will take away from one of the strengths of the SGT - handling and nimble response to steering.
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