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  1. So the supersnake letters are 5 3/8" on center. The Ford spacing is a bit wider. I placed the H and B as in the photo then measured center to center, divide by 3 and voila. I think I placed the letters slightly high but not changing that.
  2. Yeah subtle difference, but lines the H and L up with the stripe.
  3. I have scoured the internet and cannot find the correct spacing for the SHELBY decklid lettering on a supersnake. I put on the wide stripe and would like to us that spacing instead of the standard Ford spacing. I have the factory spacing and the JLT template, however the template is for 07-09 and is slightly off. I could do the math based on the edges on the stripe but would prefer to have the correct measurements. Thanks! Looking for this
  4. I have a 2011 GT500 with ARH long tubes with catted H and currently have the Corsa Sports. Car is in the shop now painting the 13/14 valence - so question is does anyone have the SS or Borla S-Type axle backs with long tube headers? Searched you tube and google and not a lot of luck finding info on this setup. Looking to see how loud this setup is and how much it will drone in the cabin. My wife and I take the shelby on road trips and enjoy the low drone of the Corsa's, however I like the look of the SS exhaust a lot.
  5. Hi everyone, On May 25th, the Valley Forge Mustang Club will be hosting the 33rd annual Chester County Car Show along with the Chester County Antique Club at the Kimberton Fairgrounds in Kimberton, PA. Last year, team shelby had a huge showing for this show and I'm hoping that we can get even more Shelbys and Mustangs to fill the show field. Cost is $10 preregistration by mail, $12.27 online registration through EventBrite and $15 day-of registration. Last year there were 250 Mustangs on the snowfield to enjoy along with a huge chinese auction, 50/50, DJ, and The Ford Truck which is hot off of the Charlotte Birthday Celebrations. Here is the information about the show as well as a link for online registrations. Hope to see everyone there!
  6. I'll be there with my 2011 GT500. My son and I are taking it on the Autotrain arriving on the 29th, so we'll see how that goes. Will certainly check this display out before the judging starts on the 30th.
  7. I'l be there. Fred Beans / True Blue Racing is a big sponsor of my local club (Valley Forge Mustang Club) so we will have a pretty big contingent there. One thing they did not post on their site, which they should have, is that this is actually a charity fund raiser. Last year the proceeds went to a wounded vet, this year they are supporting a little girl with late state lyme disease. They will have a car there that they are trying to fill with get well and well wish cards - so if you are coming to the show, bring a card with you. Their goal is to completely fill the car to overflowing.
  8. I'm registered. We are staying at the Saratoga though - making use of our Disney Vacation Club points. Got the email last week about indoor/outdoor and requested indoor if they are really going to do that. I hope they don't - I really liked the idea of the show being at the race track. Looks like the main criteria for indoors is that you need to be able to leave your car inside for the duration of the show. We are showing up on the 28th and leaving on the 6th so no big deal there for us.
  9. I would actually buy this if it was reasonably priced. I see the attraction of the Shelby 1000 hood over the SS hood for non-SS cars since it has the stock look, but still allows for the larger compressors. Anyone who is not a shelby afficionado would mistake it for stock.
  10. Yeah, I assumed it probably was not the sensor itself (like you, first thing I did was google the code and looked for common causes). Like I said, ran fine for 3K miles then the code starts happening. Just retightened all of the connections on the extensions, and bolts on the headers, no obvious signs of a leak. Also pulled off the cats just to make sure they were not damaged and everything looks fine. Bank 2 is showing AFR consistent @14, Bank1 is all over the place (9-16). Judging from the fact that the car seems to be running fine, I am pretty sure the AFR being recorded is incorrect, though I cannot find any source of leak that would contribute to that error.
  11. Hey guys - hopefully someone can help me out with this. Recently my GT500 started throwing a code P2626, which is for a forward O2 sensor on bank 1. Now, assuming that Bank1 is the drivers side, I replaced that sensor and still the issue continues. I have longtube headers with cats, VMP pulley and a VMP tune and the car has run fine for about 3K miles that way. Now the idle is erratic and this code is being sent. On the scanner, bank2 AFR is reading very steady (+/- 0.5 at idle), whereas the bank1 AFR is all over the map (+/- 2). I am scheduled to go to the drag strip next weekend with my local club, but will not be going if I can't get this resolved first. Thanks!
  12. Received this in the mail yesterday and just got it on the car. The space between the bar and the scoop is a little small but enough to get some airflow. Easy install... four bolts and 5 minutes of my time, while enduring the wife's laughter at putting something so colorful under the car But anyways it's a nice piece, and the scoop part is angled enough so might get some additional velocity out of that.
  13. Thanks! That's not as shallow as I was expecting. I still think that a 90 degree twist in that bar stock would be a dramatic improvement, and should not significantly effect the rigidity of the bar.
  14. so.... if you end up doing this, would you be able to replace the one I just bought (and has yet to be delivered)?
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