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  1. Last I knew it was owned by fellow Team Shelby member Bill Toole from Indiana and the car is a no interior upgrade. Nice car.
  2. Too Bad Trailer Queen - Maybe it should be driven like it was meant to be.
  3. Spotted Black 07 #4000 in a parking lot of an imaging center in Mt Laurel, NJ. The car was on the Ford lot in Mt Holly about 4 years ago - 1st time I have seen it since.
  4. A little off topic of sightings, but there were 75 Black SGTs made with Parchment interiors. According to my records.
  5. Brings back a memory from the 70's at Utica Rome Raceway in upstate NY. They had a jet car racing a dragster. The 1st pass it blew over the Popcorn Stand with the owner in it. We righted it up. The 2nd pass the Jet car was in the outside lane and he blew the stand over again with the owner still in it. This time the owner said to leave it untill the 3rd pass was run. Fun Time.
  6. That's why the 07 and 08 GT's weren't called GT350 - darn shame.
  7. Chris, It is a real Shelby GT #987. Last I knew it was 4 sale in April 2013 with 44,000 miles on it. It was suppose to be a one owner at that time, but showed movement from KY to AR to LA where it appeared at auction as repossessed. Have no idea where it has been since then.
  8. I'm sure (because of $$$ ) it will be in the Shelby Registry (if one ever comes out). I am also sure it won't be a Pre-Title Shelby. How 'bout them Mets?
  9. Sorry I have never washed mine, but I do use my shop vac with an upholstery brush end to vacuum the top.
  10. Remember, anytime that a accident shows up that you have the bargaining point of "Diminished Value".
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