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  1. yea i mean im not too worried about using motorcraft over mobil1 5w-50, just a personal thing, i wish amsoil made a 5w-50, im not really trying to beat the engineers at ford to say that the engine does not need 5w-50 and it is all a bunch of crap. lol. i know that there is mobile1 reports for the 15w-50 but not much for 5w-50. just as a comparison, seems to be pretty much the same with most high quality oils that are on various forums and whatnot
  2. hey guys, i know this is a slightly old topic, but i got back my used oil analysis from my 2011 gt500 running Mobil1 5w-50 and just so everyone knows, the car has two track days on this oil sample and about 3000 miles on it. i know some people think you cant get mobil1 5w-50, but you can get it here:(cheap as well i think) http://store.avlube....mobil15w50.html as time goes on, that oil should become slightly more available because the new supercar lexus LFA uses it, so maybe a future lexus dealer might have it? here is the results, from blackstone laboratories.
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