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  1. Looks like they left out the 40th as well. Maybe they can get it added.
  2. Try this before doing anything else
  3. Curious what the value of the SAI World Headquarters 3 car showroom is worth 1/64
  4. Thank you. I wasn't sure. I think I was leaning towards Paxton, but thought that might have been on the 06-08 Terlingua cars. A family member is looking to wake up a Buillitt.
  5. What SC options are now available for the 2007 SGT? I could not find the email SAI sent showing the package that is now available. Curious what all is included.
  6. Hard to say as the prices have not been consistent. I've seen them range from $40k-$88k the last couple of years at the large auction houses. I'm not sure what happened with $88k 40th. It was an owner modded car and yet the price soared. The majority of the cars have been in the &45k-$60 range. eBay is not a good reference , they are listed from time to time. However, it is rare to see a 40th actually sell there. Woth any luck, you will find someone that would like to add the 40th to their stable. GLWS Keep us posted
  7. As mentioned, the VIN will tell you. What are the first seven characters? Do you have any dash, engine plaques?
  8. A friend had Xpel installed. He opted to have the entire hood covered. You can go to the Xpel website to find installers and the different packages they offer. I'm not sure if all Xpel products have the 10 year material/labor warranty.
  9. Could be the factory cd changer draining the battery. Several of us has experienced the cd changer non-stop cycling even with the car off and keys removed.
  10. Looks like a great event! Would like to attend at least once. Glad to see Bob and Andy posting.
  11. Ford Fest


    Good to know exactly what you have and you can share the info with potential buyers. If it were mine, I would leave it as is, except I would remove the dash plaque. It looks like it would be a fun car.
  12. Congrats on your SGT! Great job bringing it back to life. That something to be proud of.
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