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  1. Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since I have been on here. Anyways after not being able drive my 2008 GT500 in a few months. I washed her and took her out to run errands. On the way home on city streets another person driving in the opposite direction decided it was ok to make a left turn in front of me. I could not stop and ended up colliding with the person in her front passenger wheel well. I was able to slow down enought that the air bags did not deploy. Long story short I wanted to get your guys advice on what I need to tell the repair center when I take it in for its repair appraisal. Looking for what to tell them as far as its ok to repair or demand new parts. I am fairly confident the police report will show it was her fault. I was able to drive it home and park it but have not been able to bring myself to go look at it in detail. The front splitter looked cracked and front bumper heavily gouged and chipped. Hood appeared to have a bend on the passenger side. For right now I do not have any pictures to upload will probly take some detailed ones tomorrow when its light out. Thanks for looking
  2. Jer, I am interested in the Shelby Extreme Brakes for the front. Have a 2008 GT500 with stock wheels. Can you tell me if there are any fittment issues? If not I will be ordering. Thanks
  3. Did anyone have any user feedback on these? I'm coming up on when I need to do the brakes and was thinking about ordering this kit during the 4th of July sale. Thanks
  4. SVT, Sorry about the late notice but had a few things come up and will not make it out to the cruise. Hope to see everyone at the next event.
  5. Hey guys, I have met a few of you guys through other clubs in the area and have recently signed up to be a TS member. I finally got my work schedule for the week and can make this event and would be great to come out and cruise with you guys. It will be me and a passenger for the headcount. I look forward to meeting everyone. Matt
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