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  1. Excellent write up the only thing I would add is to take the brake master cylinder cap off while doing this job. I know this is an old post but it saved my butt today
  2. The car is a 1967 Shelby. The car is real the CSP was mistaken and did not know the original VIN from Ford was covered by the Shelby VIN plate, now you would think an auto theft detective would take the time to figure that out or would have the resources to get that information. I have seen all the documentation on the car its legit. The car still sits awaiting restoration and is sitting at what use to be Klode's in Douglas county.
  3. Barton Shifter works extremely well, I would highly recommend one, I have the flat stick.
  4. Great read, I did install the Bob's on my car today.
  5. I will help you tomorrow with photos, do you have the VMP relocate kit ?
  6. So is Ford ever going to do a TSB and offer a fix for the 1-2 shift problem ?
  7. I did not change mine, but most people do and go with TR6 NGK's at .032-.035 gap.
  8. Justins and BJ's VMP TVS will stomp the Chit out of a stock 122 eaton it will not be close, the stock eaton pullied and tuned won't be a match for a 2.5 pullied and tuned TVS period. For the money you will spend and the ease of install the TVS is a good way to make very decent power. I'm putting down 570 at the rear wheels with a DA of 7800 FT with a TVS/+tune no OTHER MODS on the car. So I know it makes good usable power I'm power hungry though so I want another 400 HP I'm still debating which bigger SC or Turbo set to go with, you will not have any issues if you deal directly with BJ at VMP the guy is straight and is not going to bullshit you, he is a car guy and he does race his product, the quality of the port match from plenum to blower is excellent, the plenum port work is excellent. Oh I bought my set up to race about 6 people that all talked chit about my Shelby because I come from the GM camp, after installing the VMP on a Friday I was at the track Saturday, not one person who said the Shleby is junk showed up to back up the talk and my car ran very strong for the first time out in DA's of 6600 plus feet of air. So I do believe VMP's power claim, I'm sold that it is legit. Just an FYI
  9. Hi my name is John I have a 2012 from lakewood
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