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  1. My Heavens! I go away for a few years and the place goes to pot. (You 60's children take that any way you want!) How is everybody? Guess I should take a look around and see who's still here. I'll check back later!! Pup Doggy Dog
  2. No need... You just did! I'm DaBigSqueeze over there... hehe.
  3. Don't forget to say Hi to the gang over at GrabberOrange.net...
  4. Hey Blown. Don't forget to check out the Galleries at www.grabberorange.net You'll get plenty of good ideas over there...
  5. 2007 was the first year for the Aux plug in the center console...
  6. He speaks the truth. Easy once you get started...
  7. I was reading about a guy who has a PJ over at my website. Here is a cut and paste from that poste: ------------ Thanks for the welcome everyone! I will try to answer some of the questions. The bone stock pull netted 323hp & 322 tq. After the tune we pulled 343hp & 335 tq. From what I noticed when Doug was tuning it was that the saleen tune had maxed the timing out which is a good thing but the air/fuel ratios were horrible! They spiked at different rpms and were off across the board. Doug took out all the spikes and got the A/F ratios at the 13.0 range. I am very old school with carbs and distributors so watching Doug work his rocket science magic was a great experience. ------------ Now granted, they got the beast up to 343hp, but I thought the first number was interesting. 323hp. And I'm at 308 on 91 octane (an educated guess of 312hp on 93 by Dave). So 10-12 hp behind a 'stock' PJ with my mods is not a bad place to be...
  8. Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing... <- He needs some of this!
  9. Hair dryer and thin fishing line. Work the line thru the double backing tape with the knowledge you will hit two 'guide posts'. With a minimum of heat, the filiment will cut thru the tape... like buttah! Personal experience talking here...
  10. Steeda. Fiberglass. Very happy...
  11. Hey, Ruf... Tony thinks his car sounds 'ricey' but I gotta tell ya. I thought it was anything BUT! However, it is HIS car and it is his opinion that counts. But for me... it sounded... how would MC Hammer put it?........ PROPAH!
  12. All these dyno pulls... must be sumptin' in the air!!! Sounds like a neat day. And you solved a tire mystery. All in all... a GREAT day.
  13. Ooops! Almost forgot the pics and audio! Yes indeed. There IS corn in Indiana... Here is a link to 30 seconds of idling bliss: http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j151/pit...nt=CompCams.flv
  14. Tony, A pleasure to meet up with you in Fort Wayne. I say we both shed 100 pounds and meet back at the Super 8 in 2008 and we'll see if we can get air when we launch, haha. It's always good to have a 'witness' with you when test driving these cars. Especially one who is into their Stang as much as you are. As you can see by the results above, I'm roughly 50 hp and 35-40 ft lbs over my stock configuration. And this is with a stock exhaust from the factory! This is not only from the cams, but all mods listed above. I can live with that! And for those of you who don't know Tony, he has a stick V6 with Pony Package and Bassani exhaust. We went for a ride in HIS car, too. The car will shit and git, LOL!!
  15. The stock GT used for the CAI/SCT showdown over at Mustang 5.0 Magazine has these HP and Torque numbers for a stock Stang: RPM - HP / TRQ 5000 - 256 / 269 5300 - 261 / 258 5600 - 260 / 243 5900 - 258 / 229 6100 - 255 / 219 6300 - Not Available My car with stock exhaust, Brenspeed 91 tune (Not 93), DeMolet CAI, Steeda pullies, Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates, and cams: RPM - HP / TRQ 5000 - 285 / 300 5300 - 300 / 295 5600 - 305 / 285 5900 - 308 / 270 6100 - 308 / 265 6300 - 308 / 255 Dave told me the 93 tune adds perhaps 3-5 more HP. Using the conservative number of 3, that would put me at 311 rwhp. I asked them to do the dyno run on 91 as tank was a mix of 93/92 not to mention, NJ has crappy 93 gas and I usually run the 91 on a daily basis because of the ethanol. I'm not an expert on dynos. Not sure how much they can correct for temperature and humidity, but you'll notice the temp was 87 degrees and 46% humidity. The car jumps sideways when I hit the gas in first when trolling at 4 large... Yeah... I'm happy!
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