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  1. They have them on there website. I just bought one.
  2. I purchased a TPMS calibrator from American Muscle for around $50.00. I works like a charm. I have used it several times when switching wheels and tires. Chris
  3. Andrew, Did you order this? Let me know what you think if you did? Curious..... Thanks Chris
  4. Mustang unlimited has them for sale! The are Ford licensed and are made for the 60'd Shelby's! A little pricey but are nice! That is what I have on my wheels! Thanks Chris
  5. Welcome 3 tons! You will love this forum board! It is different then any other I have ever been on. Genuine, good, helpful people that all share the same passion! Check back often or you will miss something! Believe me when I say this. Also make sure to join Team Shelby! Thanks TNTChris
  6. It has saved my ass also with the Whipple...
  7. It is not letting me click and save.....
  8. Thanks guys!. I also have the Borla Stingers so the catted x pipe and the long tubes sound pretty similar to yours 05mustangman. I am looking for the deep sound. Can you put up a clip so I can hear them? Thanks Chris
  9. ????? Care to elaborate? Thanks Chris
  10. ????? Care to elaborate? Thanks Chris
  11. Love your razor wheels FordRocks1! They make your car pop! TNTChris
  12. Does any one have Kooks headers and catted mid pipes installed on their Whipple SGT? Can you tell me how you like them and possibly a video so I can hear the sound? I am thinking about installing these and I want to make sure I like the sound. I would also like to hear your opinions of this brand of headers. I appreciate you help. Thanks Chris
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