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  1. well done great combo ..thanks for sharing the pics
  2. looks so nice Amigo, can we have a pic of the wheels please?
  3. here is the last email from lethal: Hilal, I tried to get Shelby to switch to the other pins, and it looks like we have another problem. I was told they have the black ones back from my previous email, and now Shelby is telling me they will be two weeks. I understand this is frustrating and I apologize. Unfortunately Shelby gave me wrong information so the only thing we can do at this point is continue to wait until they are available. Again, I apologize john
  4. lethal ordering from shelby because they don't keep stock as they says, every update lethal write to me is that still not available in shelby.
  5. Vendor is lethal performance and its shipped to Oman next to Dubai. Hilal
  6. Planed to change some of the look of my GT500 so I ordered some parts:"SHELBY" decklid emblem, quarter window scoops ,hood pin (Shelby logo ) silver ,JLT lower grille(clear).My order was placed on 25/8/2012.So I was witting 2 weeks still not shipped so I send email for update they replay that the JLT grille (clear)not available so if I want they can switch it to black color and they will ship it sooner or I have to wait 2 more weeks for the clear one ,so I agreed and take the back ,after shipped my order about 2 weeks or more then I found out they didn't shipped the hood pin I send them email they replay that Shelby will have them ready after 2 weeks then the will ship it to me ,long time didn't get any update I send another email asking for update they replay that the hood pin silver one is not available in Shelby they have only black ,and silver one will be available or may be available after 3 weeks or more …..i didn't have any other choice I send them ok give me the black ,after few days they replay me …. Black is not available also I have to wait 2 or three weeks to confirm if it will be available .. It is very well known web where I placed my order and its my first time with them I called many time nothing that I can do the last update was on 15/10/2012 that the black pin hood not available. Here is a pic of the new look so far … Hilal
  7. Nissan Patrol is my DD but every two days i go out with the Shelby just miss it so fast .
  8. hi every one me and a friend of main made a short video of my GT500 i hope all you like it. he wrote 2009 ,but its 2007 hilal
  9. well he asked me when 2013 GT500 started to help him make an order for it ,and they was a guy here in the forum post ones that he is ready to start take orders, I PM him but he replay me that for the moment only US order no out of the US, Then he went for the lamborghini .We all love the GT500 and we still have it ,but for the 2013 GT500 i think he will go for it ones he sale his 08 GT500 which is not near as he is modifying the car day by day. Hilal
  10. Hi every one A friend of main have 08 GT500 asked me few month ago about lamborghini murcielago sv and what do I think about it ,,well there was not much to say its one of the best car in the world .Before yesterday he called me to come to see what he just got and that was it the lamborghini murcielago sv .. We both still have the love of the GT500 . Hilal
  11. R.I.P Mr.Shelby and thank you for what you have give us.
  12. nice video al.althain waiting for the next video ....from Oman To Qatar
  13. do you mean replace it with a new ford slave cylinder or aftermake macleod slave cylinder? as am waiting for my RXT too i called Mcleod and they say its work just fine with ford slave cylinder ,but you right as you got the job started you better do it all in one clutch and cylinder
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