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  1. I just posted car 07H295 on craigslist (Dallas) yesterday: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/southlake-2007-shelby-gt-ford-mustang/7091655820.html
  2. Thanks guys! I got the materials from Hertz (can't believe they still had them). But someone had claimed the Shelby materials. Don't know who the prior owner is.
  3. Steve, I bought 07H295 today and am curious if the owners package from Shelby has been claimed?

  4. So today I bought 07H295 but the dealer did not have any of the Hertz or Shelby paperwork or goodies. Any chance I can still get these from Hertz or Shelby (assuming prior owner did not claim them)? If so, how?
  5. Here is one at is a steal for $22k http://aaamotorcars.com/cars/Used/2007/Ford/Mustang/Shelby+GT-H/3843762
  6. This one is a steal at under $22k if anyone is looking for one: http://aaamotorcars.com/cars/Used/2007/Ford/Mustang/Shelby+GT-H/3843762
  7. So can I ask a dumb question, are you going to drive it? In my mind the problem with buying a flawless car like this is that I would be scared to drive it.
  8. Did you buy this directly from Hertz?
  9. I bought my 07 GT-H in 2008 from Hertz for about $25,000. Anyone know why these are going for such a premium?
  10. I wonder if 3.5 inch lights will fit in the holes....what in the diamiter of the light itself and the outside of the light housing?
  11. Are there other options that will fit besides the PIAA's?
  12. I am giving up on trying to get the PIAA lights. So I would just like to buy some other lights to fill the holes. I don't care how fancy they are, I may not even hook them up. The holes are a weird size, 3 3/4". Anybody have any alternatives that might work and look decent?
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