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  1. Is there someplace to find the build numbers? Coupes, verts, auto stick, etc......
  2. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help! I just bought this car and the hood stripes are terrible but I own a body shop so I'll strip them all off the top surfaces and the bumpers then paint them on. Mine is CSM#2262, bought it from a guy in New Jersey and I'm the third owner!
  3. I appreciate the help guys! The actual paint code on the scoop is what I need, I'm painting the stripes on...
  4. I'm needing the paint code for the red on the BJ/SGT
  5. 3483 is in Kansas with lots of Mods! 3rd owner, automatic, 72,000 miles.. She was a total I bought 2 years ago, I rebuilt her and now we hit a lot of shows where she has done quite well !!
  6. I was under the same impression but when mine showed up it had the light holes!! I blanked mine until I decide whether I want to put the lights in....
  7. The 1 year guarantee on the paint is all any of the major brands Dupont, PPG, Sikens will put on there product. I agree with Nordic on the gal that hit you about her wanting to make your car right....Nice to see that there are still good people in this world! Goodluck with everything!!!
  8. And as far as the insurance company telling you where you have to take your car is something they can't legally do, all they can do is recommend their preferred list of shops!!! I hope it all works out for you!!
  9. I have a body shop and I deal with insurance companies everyday! Everyone is different as far as what kind of aftermarket parts they will figure in a estimate. When it comes to oem, they will usually only figure those for vehicles 3 years old or newer unless on an older vehicle their company policy is no aftermarket or if there are no used parts to be found for the vehicle being repaired. You might try contacting the insurance commission and let them know what is going on and what your car is! I don't know that it will do any good but it's another avenue to try!!!.
  10. Yes Jeff, the car is about 60 miles from me! Good to hear from you Nordic. Did you make it to Tulsa this year? We were in Denver for an insurance class so we couldn't make it but saw a lot of posts on facebook......I appreciate the compliments on the paint and yes 0471 I did paint it, Shelly was a total I bought out of the salvage pool.....Thanks again guys, hope ya'll have a great day!!!
  11. We were at a show basically in the middle of nowhere Kansas yesterday and got a total surprise! As I was cleaning on Shelly I look up and see a Terlingua Shelby come pulling in.....I told my wife that someone had made a copy of a Terlingua and it looked pretty kewl... As I finished my cleaning she went and talked to the guy to find out that not only was it the real deal, it was the #1 car!!!! After talking to the gentleman and hearing of the history of the car then seeing pics of the rest of his car collection I was totally in awe, not to mention envious!!! My lil Shelly and the Terlingua were in the same class which was 2000 and above all makes and there were a lot of really nice cars.. There was a 2004 LS1 corvette setting next to us that I figured sure to be the winner and after watching the judges spend the time they did on the vette and knowing that the Terlingua car was there along with other vettes, roushes, camaroes etc I told my wife we had no chance!!! It was another total surprise when we won the class, but that took back seat to see the #1 Terlingua car and get to talk to the gentleman that owned it!!
  12. 15modracer


    They are the Cervinis Sequential kit.....They are on the deck lid also and give it the 69-70 shelby look
  13. No, I forgot my camera and it was a bad time to forget it! There was a short 15 minute rain shower and there was a big, bright rainbow that came down right over my car.....It was really an awesome sight and other people got pics of it so hopefully I can at least get someone to send it to me
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