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  1. I know you live in Fl. but you said you would ship the car to another state, Freehold Ford in Freehold, NJ has a great body shop that I have used in the past, hope this helps.
  2. Took the shelby out for lunch got a few thumbs up
  3. Hi there Garry welcome to team shelby
  4. I just checked the web and found a ton of GT500 for sale with a lot less miles than what you are looking at, as I said I would look for a 2011 or 2012 you will not be sorry.
  5. I would look at a 2011 or 2012, I am sure you can find one with less than 45k miles...good luck
  6. was it a flood salvage, if so salt water and electrical do not mix and problems can pop up years later.
  7. I am sure once the new system is complete it will be easy to use
  8. I have a friend who had a 2012 and traded it in for a 2014, it took him almost a year to admit he liked his 2012 better. He gave a lot of reasons but I think in the end it seemed to be every day driving.
  9. I got my 2018 team shelby kit on Dec.26 was missing one item, nice kit.
  10. When the temp is 40 and above I take the shelby out any time of the year, it does not like to sit around and begs me to take it out when ever I walk past it.
  11. Please, no more key chains,mouse pads or mugs. I agree with the better quality items that some have mentioned. I like the idea of the polo or sweat shirt and the member pin. If you do hats please have one that in better quality and unique. thank you
  12. from the pictures it looks like the top was put down when it was wet, I had a that happen to a BMW vert.
  13. Yes it will match the car
  14. Well here in NJ and NY I turn on the news and see two to four shootings every day and its not the cops doing the shooting so think about that, and maybe you should think about why you and your family keep having interaction with the cops
  15. Thats one of many sounds you never forget, sometimes the way the sun sets brings back those days. It seems like only yesterday but some many years have passed.
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