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  1. My '12 does the auto start thing also, tap it to start and put on the seat belt and you are ready to go. It's similar to the wife's '09 Venza with a key fob sensing start button, push once and it starts right up.
  2. If it's a Windows PC, load MS Paint and look for Stretch/ Resize function on one of the pull down menus. Go 25% and they will be ~30kb or so. Oh how I like the weather turning nice finally in the northern Midwest, I got to drive with the top down finally and loose a lot of rubber of the rear tires today! To paraphrase the movie Apocslypse Now, "[Tire Smoke] in the Morning, it smells like ........ victory!
  3. Ford Racing has an automatic in the cobra jet drag racer (not sure if they sell the tranny separately, anything can be acquire for enough money) and you can always go the Lenco route but be prepared for sticker shock. But if it keeps the wife happy (and you can keep the Snake), how does the credit card commercial end? "Priceless!"
  4. Is there a big difference in the '10s vs. '12s in MPG? My stock '12 with 6k miles get 17 mpg all the time in combined city/ country roads/ fast shifting up to 70 MPH all the time. On the highway obeying the speed limits, it can get 23-24 if I keep from kicking in the SC and idle along in sixth which as we all know is hard to do.
  5. ilmor is probably correct, fill the tank, reset the mpg indicator, drive 100 miles or so, and refill and manually calculate and see how close they match.
  6. With a car like this, it's not Miles Per Gallon that is important but the Smiles Per Gallon as you drive around, getting thumbs up from some, a sense of jeolousy from others, and that adreniline burst when the boost kicks in and you hang on for a great ride.
  7. I'll second IngotSilverSnakes' comment, I took th eplunge with Liquid Glass this summer and will stay with it: easy to use and a great shine.
  8. Dremel Tool - a small, high speed drill designed to do fine, intricate work but causes masive damage so large tools are required to fix what remains.
  9. IngotSilverSnake / other Liquid Gloss devotees, What do you use to protect your matt black side stripes? I'm going to start tomorrow to Liquid Gloss my new 2012 by washing, clay bar, washing, preconditioning and then the first coat of Liquid Gloss. I have stripes on the hood and trunk on this vert and am not sure I have seen anything in the forums that say LG is good for matte black stripes.
  10. Degreed Mechanical Engineer currently working as an automation system integrator creating fully automated test facilities for a global manufacturing company. Motorhead mechanic in high school, I initially was going to work for one of the Big Three in the 70's but a cousin who became an engineer at Ford in '72 and was laid off during the energy crisis told me that working for them was not very stable job opportunity, I changed my expectations and have been with my current employer for 33 years. Picked up my dream ride (just a basic '12 Ingot Silver vert last October new for under $49k) and have been living the dream ever since.
  11. Excuse my ignorance but what does the MLA (multiple letter acronym) UOA stand for? Thx to all the posters for the info.
  12. I believe per the owner's manual, it states 6.5 quarts for this engine, the new 2013 bumps this up to 8 quarts. Did not have a coupon, made a phone call to the service department and got the quote. When I first asked for a cost, they rattled off the normal 5 quart change but quickly more than doubled the cost once she knew that it took the 5w50 oil. When I take it in I was going reverify as I won't put up with a bait and switch.
  13. I thought I read something a while back that for this vintage of car, you had to use the Motorcraft branded Conaco 5w50 oil to keep the warranty active though I could not find the post when I searched today. Is this true or has a TSB come up to allow other oils? The reason I bring this up is the "Change Oil" came up today (1725 miles on the car) and I called the local (or is it loco, you be the judge) Ford dealer. They quoted $70 for an oil change with Mobil 1 5w50. I also got pricing on parts alone and they want $10.68 / quart and $5.33 for a standard filter (this equal a total parts cost of over $80). How can they do this? A bulk tank of 5w50? Being an old wrench turner, I'm all for getting the break in oil out with all it's metallic particles even though it's low mile but am wondering what's the deal? A quick scan of the internet and Mobil 1 can be ordered for $8.45/ quart. TIA, MikeW
  14. I got the same email at noon today from Jason but the website bombed (twice) when I tried to complete the order, left a voice mail and have not heard back, will try again tomorrow.
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