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  1. Congratulations! Nice to see that you're racing and winning.
  2. These are amazing time capsules of Southern California sports car racing Frank. The Riverside ones really bring back memories. Thanks for posting. Mark
  3. Once you get this motor installed, you need to make a video of it running so all of us non-left coasters can hear it! Looks great. Mark
  4. Really nice video. Loved the sound track! This was cool too! Nice video. Mark
  5. Sounds like there is a story behind this. Maybe a black flag or a chat with the stewards possibly? Mark
  6. Just signed up! Anybody else from Team Shelby going? Mark
  7. Was it a red no stripe car? The dealer I bought my GT500 from had one in the showroom. When I inquired in 2011, he was firm at $250K. Mark
  8. Now that would make a great license plate: Dream On Mark
  9. Damn, nobody told me there was going to be a test. Nice driving. The car sounded amazing. I was too busy watching the video to pay any attention to the background! Mark
  10. Austin, you need to get a life. NOT. Nice job. Mark
  11. Did you try adjusting air pressure between passes? Mark
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