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  1. Go to the Ace café in Hanger Lane They have a website - look it up
  2. try this one ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-GT500KR-GT500KR-PKG-SUPERCHARGED-V8-SVT-SUSP-1000-SHAKER-AUDIO-CARBON-FIBER-/121381577454?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c42e7e2ee&item=121381577454&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  3. Yeah you can import a LHD car, its just more difficult. Be great if I could get RHD no1 !!!
  4. Yip, I planning on moving to NZ soon and I'd like to take a RHD Shelby with me !
  5. With the 2015 'stang being available in RHD - does anybody know if a RHD Shelby will be available ?
  6. Guys Sorry only just come across this thread. I'm Scottish but living in NYC. I have lots of petrolhead friends back in Scotland including one who bought a Shelby in the us and shipped it back. It does not need to be converted to RHD but will require some work to be road legal - making sure headlights point in the right direction, proper indicators ( not flashing tail lights etc) but nothing you won't be able to handle. From memory if you've owned and used the car for more than a year and are planning to emigrate to "the promised land" then I think you can get round the import duty / VAT issue etc. If you are still thinking about it I can speak with my mate and find out what it cost him etc and if you have any other questions about Bonnie Scotland, living there etc etc just let me know and I'll be happy to answer them
  7. Tickets still for sale, given the fact that the event is only 10 days away I'm open to offers. So make me an offer !! thanks
  8. Guys I have 2 tickets for the Ozzie V8 Supercars event at the circuit of the americas in austin texas. I had intended to go but now can't make it. The tickets are for the the grandstand at the end of the start finish straight, up high which allows (I'm told) a great view of a lot of the circuit. They are (I'm told) the dog's of seats. The tickets are a 3 day pass and cost me $200 each and that is what I am looking for for them, no more, no less. If anyone is interested reply here or ping me a pm. Here is a link to the event. http://circuitoftheamericas.com/v8-supercars/ Its on May 17-19 thanks! J
  9. Tim, Enjoy, may you have many many happy miles together I was sad t osee her go but needs must....
  10. Hi guys I'm thinking of taking a trip in the KR from NYC to Providence & Boston. Will be staying in hotels. Can anyone recommend some good places where the KR would be safe and well looked after ? Thanks in advance John
  11. Just saw this, was at OCC earlier this year - those bikes are works of art. Had a mate over from the UK who is a huge fan, the highlight of his whole trip to the US (his very first trip) was meeting Paul Snr and getting his photo taken with him !
  12. and there you go they were attached all along, let me try for some different ones then...
  13. Can't figure out how to attach pics D'oh Anyone care to enlighten me ? thanks !
  14. Hi Scotty sorry hope you don't mind but I'm kind of in a similar position. Just bought a house, paid more than originally planned now have mortgage. Selling my 08 KR with 1,200 miles on it would make a bit of a dent in the mortgage. I'll probably never have another but its just sitting there in the garage costing me money, so for the right money I think I'd let it go. If anyone is interested, pm me please. Thanks J
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