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  1. the pictures I have of them are 35 and packed away somewhere but will look to find, But one Thanksgiving holiday we took the trip up to Central Okla for the family get together and as I'm turning off the last strip of blacktop and heading down the farm road to my sisters place off in the field, not far off the the road was a small oilfield company, shack, some equipment and one 1967 Shelby GT350, about a 9 out of 10 point car one 1970 Shevelle 454, again about a 9 of 10 point car both half covered in snow both with the keys in them, just sitting in the middle of this field of course the "south fork" mansion was up the hill and I figured if we milled around enough someone might come down, and sure enough "Hoss" comes down and I cordially say "Howdy" was just wondering if either of the cars might be for sale? and of course the response was in a very load tone "Yep, but you can't afford them"!! so up the road to my sisters to discuss the "Opinion of Hoss" and she says oh that was ole Guber Butt! ownes half the land around these parts he bought the cars for his 15 and 16 year old sons and they just drove them up and down the dirt roads and got scared so the cars where parked! this was around 94 or so? with pics in hand I reported the Turd to the Shelby club back then for abuse of "ART" "Art to be Racing Today" instead of roting away
  2. http://www.houstonmile.com/ Next week here in Houston at Ellington Field I've taken my 66 to the car show for the last 3 years but not considering trying this side of the Venue Good way to check out the new mods I've added one being the JLT Carbon Fiber BIG AIR Intake/SCT Tuner Package (07-09 GT500) Shebly Generation II Short Throw Shifter and Exhaust package Should be able to find the balls to do around 150, maybe? not sure would be a first for me
  3. http://www.headofthepacktransport.com/home picked my car up in South Carolina and delivered it to Southeast Texas for $900, enclosed
  4. The 66 should have all the funds transferred today for OK to deliver. so the Son and I took her out for a drive Sunday along with his camera and he used someone the footage from the Lone Star Nationals trip with it. She will be missed! The glove is due to hand surgery
  5. where do you find the build number on a 07 T88 Shelby GT500? my Saleen had it on the firewall and of course on the front bumper? just curious since I'm new!
  6. where do you find the build number on a 07 T88 Shelby GT500? my Saleen had it on the firewall and of course on the front bumper? just curious since I'm new! and where do you find delete post when knot head pushes button to many times!
  7. yep, I hate it down here in Southeast Texas! I've almost put 2000 miles on my car since it was delivered December 20th! Wish it would snow so I have to put it away! Driving, and Driving and Driving some more! it's a pain taking event! Day after day Should I stop yet!
  8. Here's my air system, if you look real close, there! next to the Frig, (man caves have got to have a frig and big screen) tucked in, easily rolled to any location, oh wait, I've got a 50' hose and a 30' garage! no rolling required except the hose! The 66 is sold, waiting for delivery to the new owners and the shelby gets to take it's place
  9. Hey all and Sherri, I use to go every weekend with the 66 but when they closed Chic Felet down I quit. been doing the Pairland Loews on Fridays but after 8 years we have decided to sell the 66 and it will be delivered to the new owners this weekend! I've been busy working on the Shelby adding my flare to it since I found it on a show room floor in Calorlina, a Virgin 07 so to deal with the pain of selling my pride and joy 66 F100 I'm trying to focus on the Shelby, already got a few mods on her and some sitting waiting to be installed. soon I'll be doing the circuit of shows and meet and greet! so look for me in Kemah soon
  10. Thanks for the additional help, personnally I'm leaning towards the American Muscle 2010 gloss black 5 spoke as some of you have shown on your cars I've ruled out powder coating the OEM rims, just in case I want to go back but I'm continuing the search, something that my Discount Tire Manager Buddy of mine can get!
  11. Hey Marshal and Houston folks, saw your post while I was out in California and just now getting to reply, i'm in Friendswood and i'm also a new owner as of December I'll also try and make the C&C sometime soon. Selling my 66 next weekend and that will keep me ocupied but will be more involved soon Mike
  12. Yep, I'm sold Definetly going gloss black now I just care for a little more rim and that's why I'm concidering powder coating the OEM's thinking the over-all price will be better and less storage
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