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  1. I saw the ad and said the exact same thing. Talking about just throwing money away. Paying for something used for more than MSRP. Another stealership.
  2. Guess the justice system will decide who is at fault. Hurry up and order those 2013 SS for $30K, lawyer's cost a lot.
  3. I hear you. I guess your definition of R&D and mine are quite different and that is ok that is what a forum is for. Not really sure my reply was "poutty" but yes I can afford the kit and maybe even 2 but that does not mean I am going to "waste" my money on $29K worth of bolt on pieces and some CS signature stuff that is probably worth half that. Also I thought SS were supposed to be better than the car they are modifying... no HP gains or HP improvements for the first $29K? Huh sounds like what Roush does. Put a bunch of bolt on's and some badging and then gouge the customer. Lastly you are right, people will waste their money on this car, Shelby will sell some. Eventually they will get so greedy and continue to ask these prices and less and less people will buy them. Ask how that worked for Saleen. To each is own. That is why there is a forum to express thoughts, comments and concerns. Didn't figure you and everyone else would agree with me nor would I want you to.
  4. What you can't get the $54k base vehicle as stated? What a surprise. So your SS would really be like $90k+ with zero HP gains. You are not missing anything.
  5. Most have paid over $60K + $29K for base package + what everyone really wants more power and you are well north of $100K You got that right. I am appalled at the thought of them charging $30K for badging. You know there will be people that go out and waste that kind of money on one of these. I am sorry but I don't care what kind of legendary name Shelby is, you are getting 1/3 of your value for that $30K. I could give Revan or VMP $30K, they could burn $15K of it with a match, use the other $15K to upgrade my car and it would be better than the $90K SS. How cares it would not have a CSM and all the gaudy badging. Sure that but I was thinking more like now you are in the Porsche range and a far superior automobile. Lastly, yes this is American and to each his own. This is just one man and one man's only opinion. Yes it is only my opinion. Carry on :P
  6. Oh yeah and $100K. It is still a Mustang. At $100K you can get a far superior machine road, track or strip.
  7. What R&D? Give me a break. They are putting on a bunch or already proven bolt-on's that ANYONE could go out and buy for far less money. You are buying the name and sorry gone or not this kind of mark up is a flat out joke. Scary where Shelby is headed pricing things like this. You are right people will pay, but far less people will pay. Soon they will become non-relevant.
  8. I think it is a joke. I think they are getting greedy. I hope no one buys one (although I know people will because they are crazy). For the kind of money they are asking, spend half call Revan and have a way better car. At that cost you are buying a name plate, badging and a CAM, not getting your money worthiness performance. All the Shelby freaks can flame all they want put there is no logical way to justify that kind of money for what you get.
  9. 12,500 for a supercharger. Are you frickin kidding me. I hope they do a bunch of other engine work for that. Isn't that about 3x the price it should be. I think they are getting insane. What people will pay to just get a csm number. You could build 3 times a better car for that money. It will still be a Shelby and who cares about the badging. That is plain nuts.
  10. Hands down, without question, not even close the SS. Just look at the two pics above. Hood, wheels, grill and of course motor are all better looking.
  11. I love this, looks awesome. I would like to hear and see what it looks like after several thousand miles. I would really like to do this to my car but am very worried how it would take to the roads. My car is a DD.
  12. Oh yeah the 08 Ford F250 now sits in the driveway:-) I just can't seem to find the truck keys in the morning.
  13. 2012 Shelby GT500. Bought Jan 2 and just hit 6k wonderful miles.
  14. This sounds fun. I have subscribe to this thread. What would it cost to ship a car from CA to Chicago? I could then fly to Chicago and do the trip. I could not swing from CA to Chicago and back in my time frame for vacation.
  15. If I were to buy a 13 this is the exact color and set up. Awesome car, congrats and welcome.
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