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  1. Steven, I went to order the 14" front brakes on SAI and noted the there is a difference in price for the same rotors ($845 front vs $749 rear). Other than a name change (front vs rear) they appear to be the same thing. Could you please tell me what the difference is in size, shape, materials, etc?
  2. Sorry ... for some reason I read right by it! I don't think I need the rear but it's obvious I'll need the front.
  3. Thanks for the information. So the front rotors are the same size as the rear, 14"? And I just noted that the attachment says it is not used on the V6 ... which is what I have.
  4. There are two numbers. On the sales receipt it's 12GTS0034. On the certificate that came with the car it's 11GTS0034. Since it's a 2011 I've always used the 11GTS0034 number. The plaque that came on the car was actually pried off the center console on the first overseas shipment.
  5. I have a 2011 GTS convertible. I'm having issues with the fronts brakes. What are the specifications on the all of the brakes; rotors, pads, etc? We are in the Army and the car has been shipped to South Korea. The brakes have always been a challenge but on the trip to St Louis to turn the car in for shipping the brakes felt like they were going to shake the car apart. It had never been that bad before but it came at the end of long spate of "accordion" traffic. Could I get some help please?
  6. I was told by SAI that I had to have the spoiler installed before it was sent to them for production so the striping would be correct. I had the car delivered to Gaudin Ford to have a GT500 spoiler install. The 500 spoiler looks great but they actually painted the gurney flap red. I was astounded. Gaudin told me it looked great but I didn't agree. However, I had the car sent to SAI with the flap painted because I didn't want to miss the production timeline ... which was missed anyway.
  7. I agree. We had the GTS interior added, after production, by Gary Disney and was told it would be added to the SAI records. Are these numbers correct though? We have the only cyclone convertible for 2011?
  8. Does the GTS program exist any longer???
  9. Well, it appears you have good luck; not that $20K is that much money with these guys. I have the paperwork and emails to back up my claims. I'm sure that SAI does have another story ... not that I'm interested in hearing it. I just gave away my 500 and the GTS will go soon. I'll be looking at Saleen or Roush for the next Mustang. I do not trust anything SAI has to say.
  10. tjys

    Gts Gone

    I cannot agree with your observation on the market lukewarm (or cold) reception to the GTS. SAI wanted the GTS to be an entry level Shelby for younger buyers to get them into the Shelby market and build loyalty. Great idea but very poor marketing and execution of the GTS program has been its limiting factor. One, the few kids on Mustang blog sites that actually know what a GTS is after I tell them compare the parts that are applied to a GTS build against what they can purchase from AM and realize there is a huge price difference. Of course, their next question is ... why am I paying a lot more for the SHELBY name? Though they would love to have a Shelby; price matters and Roush gets it. Two, SAI claims it is aiming the GTS program at younger buyers, however, they want a young buyer to do without a car for months while SAI meanders through the build. Kids will look at the parts and realize they can install the parts themselves and STILL have access to their car. Three, the marketing on this program has been abysmal. Since I am retired military and my wife is still serving I have access to many kids around base. I have yet to show up at a gathering of Mustangs on any military post (and there are many) and have one, single soldier, recognize the GTS for what it is. Most think that it's a robo-Stang and simply bolted it together. Oh, and people do not recognize the car at car shows/cruise-ins either. I was actually chased off of a lot showing Shelby cars because no one knew what it was. I had the only GTS in the state according to SAI sales. Four, SAI sales needs to be revitalized. I was told that my wife's GTS build would be 45-60 days in late 2011. I bought the car for my wife to celebrate her safe return from Afghanistan which would be in April 2012. I plunked my money down in advance and then the build dates changed to 90-120 days. I didn't get the car until 45 days after her return. I ordered, and paid in advance for, the wheel/tire package which was 19" GT4s. Of course, I know now that 19" GT4s are as rare as hobbits; I received 18" rims. I ordered, and paid in advance for, the GTS interior last year and was sent a pic of the correct GTS logo, you know, the one that is on the program brochure. I received an interior with block GTS lettering. Lastly, there seems to be a lack of customer support and it needs to be fixed. I hear that some of had zero issues with SAI. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but when I asked for the timeline build to be accelerated after the new surprise date, the wheel/tire package issue be rectified, and the interior GTS logos be replaced with what was sold to me I got dead silence. In every case I had to push my issues to Gary Patterson to get noted. In the end, I didn't get the car in the time frame I was quoted and paid for. Based on that I got everything else in writing. However, after denials that I was ever sold the 19" GT4s I sent them the email and they agreed to replace the rims with whatever rims I wanted. I never got them replaced because I damaged one of the rims and didn't feel right returning it. The interior was the last straw. After I sent SAI their email showing the correct GTS logo sold to me they agreed that they would pay to have new panels done by their contractor but I would have to pay $175 a panel (X4) to have them installed. ??? Why? Because I should have noted the wrong logo before it was installed. Well, it's a long story spread out over thousands of miles but this was the second interior sent, to two different installers, in two states. I did not see this logo. I've waited decades to own a Shelby convertible and I now own two, a GT500 and the GTS. I had every intention of buying a third Shelby because we have 3 kids and each would get one but if I am required to pay in advance and HOPE that I get what I pay for then I'm no longer interested. Lets face it, these cars are expensive, nice, and collectible but I use ours daily - even in minus degree weather in Iowa. I think a Saleen Mustang could be in one of my kids future. Having said all of that, I continue to check the SAI site to see if there are issues/fixes for our cars ... that's why I'm still in this forum.
  11. I'm planning on going but I'll stay at my brothers home close by. Is there a cost associated with this?
  12. tjys

    Car Mats

    If you find out how to do it I would be interested for the right price.
  13. tjys

    Ordered Gts

    The GTS didn't come with a spare plate, or it could have been stolen in the original shipment to Hawaii. I was amazed to see what was pried off of the car using DAS auto shippers for our cars. It's been a terrible experience using DAS that I wouldn't wish on others. They are claiming that they knew where my wife's car (and my 500) were the entire time their tracking site said "no record" (on both) and they were looking when I called them. I learned a long time ago that flaky companies will not put bad news in writing and these guys followed suit. I'll see if I can order another plate ... the Ford dealer is evaluating the damages to the car today. There will not be a police report though for the replacement. I've listed the stolen plate as damages to the car and can prove that it was part of the GTS package. We'll see what happens. Right now I'm trying to get the house together. My wife has recently been assigned to Rock Island Arsenal and we just got our household goods. Of course, she went off to work this morning to bring home the beer money while I'm wrestling with the contractors working through punch lists and getting the house in order. In addition, my wife's mom called last night (she's Korean) because her brother-in-laws (dad passed away 2 years ago) are suing her in Korean court to get 1/16th the value of her husbands, my wife's father, estate. Sound odd? Did to me too. It appears that the male family members are entitled by law to 1/16th of the total value of the brothers estate. My mother-in-law is fighting it and the case is in it's last stage at the Korean supreme court right now because lower courts have found she owes 1/16th to the brothers because, one, the brothers SAY that the parents gave most of their estate to the father-in-law, and two, the stay at home mother-in-law didn't "add" value to the estate. As of last night it appears that there is no reprieve from the lower courts ruling and an auction of some of my mother-in-laws property will occur mid-October barring a Supreme court ruling or stay before then. Bottom line; it is great to be an American and South Korea is not as far as long in civil rights as I had previously thought.
  14. tjys

    Ordered Gts

    I was told that the Procharger voids the warranty. However, SAI warrants their parts for 12 months. Confusing? Black stripes look really cool on red and I really love the look my wife has made it very clear that if SHE was ordering the car it would be with white stripes and chrome wheels. So much for appreciating what I got her for coming home safely from Afghanistan. I've offered to put the Procharger on the car but she doesn't want to have anything to do with a supercharger. The custom interior from Gary Disney will be installed within two weeks and when if finally happens I'll post pictures. BTW, how do we get replacement dash plaques? DAS auto shippers damaged the passenger front bumper, wheel well, jack point, and other under carriage pieces. They stole the dash plaque, owners manuals, of all things ... the cobra air valve covers I bought for the tires. I can get estimates on everything but the dash plaque. Any hints anyone???
  15. Chimed in on the FB page. Can't wait to see the pics of the finished product.
  16. Yes, they will sell it to you!!!
  17. I'm still trying to convince the boss to Procharge her GTS. We PCS back to the mainland tomorrow, Davenport IA, and I'll look around at who does what there. It appears that they have a very strong Mustang Club from all of the FB posts I've seen of events they participate. There is an IHRA drag strip right outside of the Quad City limits that I'll be checking out and people in the area are saying there are good speed shops. I think I'll be buying the Mamba wheels for the 500 and the GTS will inherit the 500 wheels BTW, the guys that shipped our 500 and GTS from Hawaii (IAL, DASAutoShipper) lost track of both of them. I've been climbing the walls trying to get answers but since you have to pay for the services before they happen, no one seems to give a crap, they have your money. I finally got an email from St Louis today that my car arrived ... thank God! I'll pick that up on the 5th assuming it's driveable, however, the GTS is still not listed in the DASAutoShipper.com system and no one returns calls or emails.
  18. Therein lies the problem with the GTS program James and I voiced my opinions with SAI while waiting on my wife's car in 2011. Lots of soldiers around Hawaii are interested in the GTS package after seeing my wife's car but when you start laying out production times and cost associated with the transportation of the car ... and then add the loss of use of the car for months on end what young person just starting a job, family, and needing their car could afford it?? Good program laid out very poorly.
  19. UPDATE Gary Patterson waded into the fray and "encouraged" us to work it out ... which happened, kind of. My wife is on orders for Rock Island Arsenal, IL. I asked to have the interior shipped there and the maker of the interior agreed to switch installers to Illinois. However, since we are moving that way he asked me to pick up the interior and have it shipped with my household goods. Not a problem, I can do that. I picked up the box and it was closed and intact. I got the box home and, of course, I wanted to see what it looked like. I opened the box and looked at the leather interior that was very well done and beautiful ... except one thing. The interior of my wife's GTS is stone and what was sent is light gray. The gray actually looks very good with the black inserts, red GTS across the top of the seat and "Carroll Shelby" scripted on the headrests. The interior is worth the money I paid ... except for the color variation. The interior maker agrees that the color is off and says he'll correct it once we get to Rock Island. I asked my wife if she wanted to change the interior overall to light gray but she hated the light gray color. However, that brings up a question. Is it tough to dye the interior to another color? In this case from stone (off white) to a light gray. Just wondering out loud.
  20. UPDATE on the GTS interior that I have already paid for. The Hawaii interior installer is not talking. He will not work weekends. My wife uses the car during the week for work. We leave for Rock Island Illinois 23 August. The car will have to be shipped well before 23 August. The solution of the interior maker ... pay for a rental car. Unbelievable!!! I tell them it's a daily driver, he takes my money, and then does what he wants. Is there anyone at SAI that can be contacted to fix this? I sent an email to Gary Patterson just before I entered this update.
  21. I have had the same issue since I bought the car in 2011. There is a tech bulletin out there for the problem I've been told but I'm with knightowl, I don't trust the local Ford dealers in Honolulu to do anything with the car ... to include the oil change. My 500 is a DD so I'm not concerned about the esthetics of car so much but do want it to work correctly. I guess I'll be waiting until my wife's move to the Quad Cities area in Illinois this summer.
  22. The interior has finally arrived in Honolulu. Unfortunately we are on travel and won't have it installed for another week or so. One hiccup to the ordering process. My wife's GTS is a daily driver. I made this known when I ordered the interior so that it would be a weekend install. What we got was a installer in Honolulu that only works during the week. When I raised the issue of the car being a DD again and the trouble caused with sending everything to an installer that only works during the week ... no one seemed to care. They've already been paid and there was no sense of urgency (or responsibility) from either the maker of the interior, or the installer, to fix the issue. Reminds me of the challenges I had when I ordered the upgrade for my wife's car and the promises to have the car returned in 60-90 days. WE HAVE YOUR MONEY ... YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!!
  23. TASCA seems to have the Shelby center console button for $66 vs the $121 at regular dealerships if anyone is interested. This the same button as in my 500. I really hate the shiny plastic chrome piece that smears everytime you touch it. http://www.tascaparts.com/oe-ford/ar3z63061a34ab?search_str=AR3Z%2a63061A34%2aAB
  24. Based on Dr Whoovies pics my wife has decided to invest in the GTS interior and placed the order yesterday. The outside of the seats will stone, black insert, red GTS logos, and the Carrol Shelby logos in stone on the headrests. I'll post pics when it's all installed.
  25. This is just awesome. My wife's GTS has the stone interior color. We want to stay with that color and add accents. I'm thinking a race red insert similar to what you did in blue may overwhelm the interior colors in our case. We will have to figure this one out. I noted that you don't have the Shelby center console release button on yours. I've been trying to find these buttons after market since Ford wants $121 for what Roush sells at $35 with no luck. Maybe that will be in future offerings too.
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