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  1. Head over to the Richard B Russell Parkway..... and other roads in that area of North GA. Mega fun.
  2. It's not a bad looking car, but it is not a great looking car either. Guess we'll see how it goes on track and hopefully the rear won't step out in corners like the current ZR1!
  3. Correct Sir. 355 rears.... can't wait to see the price on those when I have to replace them. "Hugh's Meats".... I should have a sign printed up.
  4. Thanks Keith. It is lightyears ahead of my old '98 GTS. Just a 50 mile drive this AM to get acquainted and already feel right at home in the cockpit. If you ever get the chance, go drive one. When the weather clears, I'll get some better photos of all three Snakes.
  5. THIS is beautiful.... And this will be the view for most people.... Good luck keeping up Corvette! Tomorrow she will be parked next to the 500 and Cobra. 755 HP of pure adrenaline. Can't wait to get behind the wheel for a spirited drive.
  6. That would be "Death of the Corvette".... FUGLY.
  7. Sweet ride. Those Eco boost cars are fun.
  8. Don't bad mouth the Vette.... you're likely to get people riled up on the C8 Forum!
  9. Congratulations. You win the ignore button.... "Yee of Thin Skin".
  10. I think we can have a thread about other cars as long as everyone can play responsibly... And grow thicker skin so we don't have to hear about people getting insulted so easily because someone posts something not 100% positive about their favorite car. Happy to help my friend. Everyone here knows Ford's rule anyway....
  11. I actually saw one here in Charlotte at Cars and Coffee recently. Jaw dropping....
  12. Thanks! It is very close to Stryker Red which is a 6 stage paint. If you ever had a scratch or rock chip on a 6 stage paint you would be permanently screwed. Trying to get that to match would be impossible. This is a single stage paint and for a car that will be driven the proper way to go. Right now I'm going back and forth with the dealer on the final numbers and having to correct them multiple times which is a little annoying I must say... but they finally got it right. I guess I have to pay for it now!
  13. 100% agree. The bitterness is hopefully solved now by my recommendation of using the ignore function which will make everything better instantly. All the crap was making me think about walking away from the forum myself for a while or indefinitely. At the end of the day, this is a forum for the Shelby faithful and while other marques are often discussed it should be remembered by all why we are here: common interests, learning through forum discussion, scheduling gatherings, and celebrating all things Shelby. If things start to turn negative again, I would suggest they close this thread and then redirect into the Lobby or start a new thread which would only detail the C8.
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