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  1. We’re sure hoping to go this year. Went a few years ago and really enjoyed it. The info is on Facebook I think also on the net. We tried every year after to go but family things happened and just couldn’t. A very well done event that doesn’t cost a fortune with very very nice people
  2. When we attended in 2013 it was at the Southpoint. I don’t know all the logistics of the planning and how it went in that end however, as attendees we thought it couldn’t have been better
  3. Really excited for this one. We were there in 2013 and due to several reasons haven’t been able to go again. However, this being our 50th wedding anniversary in March were really hoping to get to go!
  4. I haven't bought tickets. I have to testify at a court trial the 8th and not sure if I will be done in time to get to the Bash so just waiting to find out. If I am done and tickets are still available I will order them asap. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Is anyone from the Northern Plains Region planning on attending the Bash? Specifically along the route we would travel from Western South Dakota so we could travel together? Also planning to go to Missouri for the Shelbyfest in May-so anyone going that direction?
  6. We have some family issues so will not be able to determine if we are able to go for a few weeks. Just wondering if ticket sales are close to being all sold?
  7. Mine expired 1/1/2018 but I can't renew. Says I already have but also says expired.
  8. I have been a member since 2012. Renewed in January and got the package about a week ago. The items are very nice and with the $10 gift card definitely worth the money.
  9. Bought our 2012 new in Dec of 2011. 17,000 mi
  10. I have a friend who is having front and back cameras installed on his 14 GT 500 vert today! He says they hook up to the existing monitor. I will keep you posted when he gets home!
  11. Rates are still pretty good for airfare but probably won't last long.
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