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  1. 2011 GT500, SVT PP, Ingot Silver Metallic, Stripe Delete, NAV Just over 101k miles. Lots of mods including: 2013 front "grill" and splitter, 2013 rear bumper cover and tail lights, 1st gen MGW shifter, full BMR suspension (k-member, A arms, chassis brace, radiator core support, rear upper and lower control arms with relocation brackets, adjustable panhard bar and brace, with stock springs and shocks), Ford Racing front shock tower brace, Shelby weld in rear shock tower brace, JLT carbon fiber CAI, Ford Racing Throttle Body, Stock Look supercharger Pulley. 541 RW HP per dyno Car was T-Boned several years ago. Professionally repaired, looks great, runs and drives great too. Damage was extensive, but NOT Totaled, so clean title. I have no idea what CarFax shows. Have documentation and photos of repair and full maintenance records. Was my daily driver until last week. Between miles, mods, and accident, I have no idea what it's worth. Might hang onto it as a weekend ride or sell. Any input on value would be much appreciated.
  2. Perfect! Thank you! Now I think I know which version I'll be getting. Just have to decide if I'm keeping the '11 or trading it in...
  3. Back seat, really?!? I've been waiting to see if a back seat could be retrofit to the "R" before deciding between the "R" and the regular 350... If this turns out to be the case; then it's an easy decision.
  4. This pretty much sums my feelings about Shelby.
  5. Joraft, What part of the Valley? I work in San Fernando, live in Santa Clarita. In this car crazy culture, I think I've seen more Ferraris than Shelbys around L.A.
  6. I put the '13/'14 grills and splitter with extensions on mine. I really like the look, but I scrape it all the time. My car is my daily driver and I scrape going in and out of driveways regularly. I'm stock ride height with stock size tires. It clears MOST parking lot bump stops, not all. So I've whacked it on those a couple of times. I figure, once it looks crummy enough, I'll either replace it (and maybe get a second for show purposes) or just remove it altogether.
  7. Just got back from my first Dyno run. 505 RWHP 497 tq Local Tech tells me he thinks there's more in there and suggests a remote tune session with Justin.
  8. I recently had a local shop install the goodies I've been collecting: JLT 127mm CF CAI VMP 2.5" stock look pulley Ford Racing twin 65mm throttle body They were going to create their own custom tune when the dyno shop they use closed unexpectedly. After ordering the wrong tune from their website; I called VMP Friday afternoon and got a call back from Justin within a couple of hours. I had a tune file in my inbox before the end of the day. Over the weekend the check engine light came on. I scanned the code, emailed Justin, and got a new file Sunday night. AWESOME customer service and incredible power. I'm loving it!
  9. Jer, Sorry about the spelling and thanks for fixing it. Thank you again for all your time. I really enjoyed visiting with you.
  10. I would like to offer a public thank you to Jer. My visit with Jer is truly the highlight of my recent trip to Las Vegas. He was generous enough to agree to meet me at the new facility on his day off. He didn’t even get inside the building before 2 other couples had him cornered and were asking questions. He then invited the 5 of us inside for the most wonderful, personal, and detailed tour I could have imagined. A tour, by the way, of a facility that is not finished, not open to the public and where official tours won’t start for weeks. Once the tour broke up he and I spent quite a while swapping stories. This guy is a class act. Jer, thank you very much and have a wonderful new year!
  11. Mine only sees rain every time it rains in L.A. it's my dd too, rain or shine.
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