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  1. 3 days of testing and tuning - with The Stable's new dyno and the Dean of Mustang Tuners, Jon Lund, Sr. - at the Pre-Event in Alpine. October 1st through 3rd. Come out early and join in the fun with Dave Durant and the crew at The Stable. King Alex - That means you!!!
  2. Jon Lund is easy to locate - if you want a Ford tuning specialist Simply look on the web for Lund Racing, and make a call (or send an email)
  3. Not simply with a tune, no But with intake, TB, headers and hi-flow cats - along with a good tune and some good gas, yes - you can get north of 700 HP at the crank
  4. The 10 day weather report from last week was a bit iffy.
  5. Others are going to Alpine on Tuesday for a car show and BBQ (live band) with Dave Durant (The Stable Performance Cars), and then will drive down to Lajitas as a group on Wednesday. I think Dave has a nicely priced block of rooms held at a local hotel in Alpine for Tuesday night.
  6. Beautiful car Congratulations! #1 Suggestion: Tires
  7. Great work Warren! Car looks fantastic
  8. Looks fantastic, Warren!
  9. That car new, from Shelby, with N/A and Auto would have been upper $60s with those options - depending on what the base car cost the owner (MSRP versus Invoice) Don't know why that Ford Dealer can't fix the droopy left tailpipe - it's an easy fix
  10. Nicely done. Fantastic color choice - the red is not typical Terlingua, but it works!
  11. +1 Nice job, Don People are funny - they DO like to see cars that are driven, and enjoyed, just as much as they like to see the pure show cars. People also look long and hard at the CS signature on the dashboard, too. Whether some want to call it a pedigree or not, it gets plenty of looks!
  12. Lund's tunes (cammed or regular) work just fine. No issues here.
  13. Count me in - wrong region, but I like the jacket!
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