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  1. I have 07SGT0016 Black with Silver Stripes Signed by Carroll Shelby on the Hood, passenger visor,driver side headrest and the window sticker. It once lived in Arizona and now in North Texas. Little back story: I am the second owner, bought it to replace my other Shelby GT #4259 "RIP". (Was hit by an eighteen wheeler 6/2012). I a still trying to get documentation to prove information that I found on the net that the car was driven at Carroll Shelby's 85 ans 86 B-day in Vegas. It is also missing some signatures, I guess the original owner took them or the dealership I purchased it from removed them. I still love the car and drive it very sparingly. It had 700 miles on it when I purchased it in 2012 and it currently has just under 1400. I think I am still scared to take it out because of what happened to the last one..
  2. The car received the hail damage the next day after the wreck while it was sitting at the impound yard.. The bodyshop is storing the car inside to protect it from any addtional damage. As promised here are a few pictures of the car after the teardown...
  3. Thank you for all of the comments. Sorry, my wife and I have been on vacation and I have had limited access to the forums. I want to start off saying I think there has been some confusion with my original posting. The trucker’s insurance company has been working with me. When this started they undervalued the car and the repairs because they thought it was just a dressed up GT and were going to use non-OEM parts and used parts to get the repair cost down. After speaking with them they re-visited the whole estimate after agreeing that my car was a Shelby GT not a GT. When the insurance company re-valued the car they bumped up the value quite a bit and the repair estimate went up as well. However the value of the car was driven up so high that the repairs fell below the 80% threshold. What about the hail damage you say? The hail damage happened after the original accident and had to be claimed against my insurance. Since it was claimed separately it did not factor into the other insurance companies estimate and did not meet the magic number to break 80% of the value. As of this date nothing had been posted to the carfax, so this car has a clear title and clean carfax as of this writing. My main question was what is the value of the vehicle as it sits, which looks like about $5,000 to $6,000 from the IM’s, emails and postings I have seen. The frame on the SGT is in good shape it as it went under the 18-wheeler in the back and under the van in the front. The areas where the body and the frame connect are damaged, but repairable. The car is still solid and the doors have the proper gaps. Someone asked about the roof and if it had any wrinkles in it. The answer is no. If the car had not received the hail damage it would not need a roof repair. I plan to post up some more pictures of the car showing more of the damage since it has been torn down for the estimates. Again, I am sorry I have not been more active in my own posting. I did not expect the response that I got and I really do appreciate the comments. For all of you that have expressed interest in the car I will get with you before the end of the week. Thank you again.
  4. Good morning, A few months ago my 2007 Shelby GT was involved in an accident. I was stopped in traffic and rear-ended by an eighteen-wheeler traveling between 20 and 25 MPH (according to the police report) and pushed into another vehicle. The insurance company did not total the vehicle so it still has a clear title, however I do not have plans to repair it. To add insult to injury the car recived hail damage the next day after the accident. I am trying to find out what the value of the car would be as it sits. It has been inspected by my local body shop and they assure me it is repairable. There is no frame damage other than the body was peeled from the frame, the air bags are intact and did not deploy. I went under the vehicle in front of me and the truck went over the back of me. I have NOT attempted to start the car since the wreck, but nothing touched the motor and I do not believe there is any mechanical damage. The car has about 20,500 miles on it. Any advice would be appreciated. See pics below:
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