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  1. Called SPP to check shipping costs,was told thats what it is,$40.00 for the poster $42.00 for shipping No way
  2. I was going to order 24x48 print but shipping is $42.00, don't need it that bad
  3. Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to make this event such a success. It was awesome. Looking forward to what is planned for next.
  4. Thanks for the info. My 07 has tinted windows and are scratched. Looks like I will have to get new guides and have the windows redone.
  5. I got mine last Wed. Had forgotten about it and was suprised when I opened it.
  6. I also sent a pm on 5/6. Please pm me if this is still available. Thanks
  7. Has anyone seen dates for this yet? I need to get my vacations in asap and would like to go if possible.
  8. Thanks for all the pictures. Looks like everyone hade a great time. Wish I could have made it.
  9. I know how you feel Doug,my car is also covered with sap. Not to happy.
  10. I thought about getting a set but decided to put the money onto the loan. Hope I don't regret it when they are gone. Good luck to those who really want them to put on their cars not on ebay.
  11. Michael and Dale, Had a great time yesterday, thanks for hosting such a good event. It was nice to meet everyone and hope to see you again.
  12. It is a White GT500. Hope we do not get much rain so the show is not cancelled.
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