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  1. I have 950+ hp. 3.50 gears in a 9" ford. Basically a Shelby 1000.
  2. I am looking for a new clutch. Is the new Shelby triple disk a good way to go? I drive hard when ever I get the chance, and want a clutch that can handle my style of driving. I got the spec twin disk and only got about 5000 mi on it and its toast. Mcleod? What do you think?
  3. I just returned to Olympia where I have storage and my enclosed car trailer was broke into. They stole my 20" super snake wheels which were widened with nitto racing slicks. Took the front wheel off my super snake, the battery, the carbon fiber radiator cover and other stuff. I am currently making a list of stolen property. So if anyone sees a pair of Alcoa super snake wheels with nitto racing/street legal slicks, they are mine. Lowlife punks . Those 2 wheels, $2500 alone, after being widened for wider tires.
  4. The 27, of Jan 2013, great and thankyou very much. Got 5 tickets, only takes 1, right? lol. Would be a nice addition to my collection of cars.
  5. I am curious as to when the drawing is going to be held for the 50th ann Cobra?
  6. Dealerships vary, and some will do the work without charging after having your car upgraded to a Super Snake, and some might not. Not everyone has a Super Snake built by Shelby American, least ways get your extra upgrades done there and you have a true Shelby Super Snake. They will make it right if it isn't, and thats what maters most. Its a matter of choice, as Americans, we have this freedom, do it how you want it, not by a poll taken on a website. I love my car, and wouldn't have it any other way, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  7. I just bought a pair of the michelin Pilot SS, 315x35x20 for the back. I am not sure yet if they are any better than the Perelis, but maybe just a bit.Seems each brand has its moments.
  8. I got the interior done in white leather with blue stiching, and like it, same as the shifter boot and ebrake boot. But not in the door panels, because figured that would be harder to clean with arm there all the time. I got the Shelby brakes all around(red) to match the front, and you can really tell when you hit the pedal. Go with what you can afford and want. It is YOUR car! I also have the Super Snake alchoas, polished, for wheels and love the wheel. I recommened the anti hop rearend upgrade, and widening of the rear wheels for a bigger rear tire. This put so much more power going straight then just wheel spinning, that you will be very happy with the end result.
  9. My email address is fordcobra420@yahoo.com Thanks
  10. So, I can only assume I am jealous of his video, again, I sincerely apologize and was very upset with myself the moment I hit post, and all night it bothered me so first thing this morning I posted the apology, then to see others had read what i posted, I myself thought, it is 5 months old, nobody will read it, but does not excuse what I said, again I was totally wrong and am sorry.
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