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  1. My father is selling his 2007 Shelby GT Californian edition. 1 of 200 made that year. Original owner, 35,000 miles. Car has been babied. It is black with silver stripes. Comes with the California edition sill plates and the carbon fiber gauge pod. The Dash is also signed by Carrol Shelby. Car is located in Las Vegas. I will be making a post on here some time today with pictures, but just wanted to give you a heads up if you were interested!
  2. Originally Darren and he seemed like a good guy, but then all of sudden, it seems as if he disappeared and his boss has taken over and thats who we have been dealing with lately..
  3. Yeah it looks like I am just going to have to make my car payment each month and let the car sit it my garage all summer until I can save up for an aftermarket clutch and flywheel. The worst part about this whole thing is obviously I have a ton of mods on my car and I could see them trying to get out of the TSB, but I havent even gotten that far yet. The people I have been dealing with have no idea about any mods on my car and they just have been assuming its stock and they still wont do anything. It is just really frustrating being a young Ford owner that has 130k plus into a Ford product and I have now have had to deal with this TSB issue as well as a Ford dealership charging me $600 for caster camber plates and alignment when all they did was order adjustable camber bolts that cost 30 for a pair and led me to believe they installed the plates until I found out a year later when I uninstalled my suspension that they lied and ripped me off for that amount of money. I love Ford, but it just seems that they do not understand how to handle their customers with this TSB. We own one of the most expensive cars in their fleet and they are treating a lot of their customers as if they are driving a 2003 Ford Focus that has a TSB out regarding a faulty air conditioning knob.
  4. Believe it or not I have. Its been 4 weeks now and the excuses I have gotten for why they wont perform the TSB are as follows. At first I was told there was no issues with the GT500 flywheel and clutch. Then I was told that the flywheel is only covered under the 3 year basic warranty. Then after I told them the flywheel is covered under the 60k, they told me the clutch is not covered under this warranty. Then I tried to explain that the flywheel is the issue not the clutch, and they said they were unaware of flywheel problems. Now I have been told that the reason why the flywheel and clutch are failing is because of the way the car is driven and that the clutch needs to be driven as hard as possible every day because this is a race car and these are race clutches. So now the reason my car has failed is because I haven't beaten the hell out of the clutch like a race car.... So I guess I should have driven the car as hard as possible and then the TSB would be covered... This is a joke.
  5. Frontier Ford is acting like they have never heard of the flywheel/clutch problem or the TSB. Which is funny because I have been referred to them by over 10 people that have had it done. Now they are trying to tell me the TSB doesnt have to do with the problems, that my flywheel and clutch screwed up because I do not know how to drive the car properly with that clutch.
  6. I agree that an aftermarket clutch would be best for my setup since I have the KB. The only reason I would rather hav e the TSB performed than go aftermarket is because of how often I drive my car and how hard. I have only put 500 miles on my car since the end of last April. Because of how often I work, the only time that I drive the car is to car shows and events. I also never drive the car hard. I cant due to the tire profile of my rear tires, there is just no traction. If I drove the car frequently and hard, I would definately go aftermarket, but because of my situation with the car and the cost, I feel like doing the tsb makes the most sense for me to do.
  7. I am hoping someone on here can give me some advice on what I should do about this flywheel/clutch tsb. It's been two weeks now that I have been trying to have the tsb performed. I am having the shifting problems that the flywheel causes and my clutch is starting to slip now as well. The dealership was willing to do the work but Ford said the flywheel is only part of the 3 year 36,000. I then spoke with Ford Direct about the flywheel being under the 5 year 60,000. Ford said they would get back to me in 4 days. After a week went by I called them. They then came back saying they weren't going to do the work because they haven't determined any problems with the flywheel or clutch... I guess four revised tsbs doesn't mean anything. I have 15,000 miles on my car since Nov of 2006. Ford wants me to pay between 3000 to 4500 to have the tsb work done. I am only 25 years old working 55 hour weeks and I feel as though Ford is trying to screw me on this whole thing. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  8. I spoke with the service manager at my local dealership today and he was going to perform the TSB on my car, but said that he couldn't because my three year warranty was up. Is the three year warranty the warranty that covers our clutch TSB?
  9. One off set of NC Forged Wheels. 20x10.5 front, 20x11.5 rear.
  10. Thank you very much! Ill be honest, I received a special opportunity that allowed me to work with these guys and have these wheels made for my car. I wasn't very familiar with NC Forged previously, but their primary customers are celebrities and athletes. They are an amazing company that makes some of the highest quality wheels out there.
  11. Thought I would share some photos of my new wheels. My car was down in Anaheim for a few weeks weeks to allow NC Forged to make the proper measurements so the wheels could fit the car and the Air Ride suspension perfectly. The wheels have a triple chrome plated lip, brushed aluminum center, and a chrome three star knockoff. The center has a special brushed finish that they finish off by baking on a high gloss clearcoat. The three star knockoff is also done to make it a floating center cap. What this means is you can actually spin the center knockoff freely. What then happens when the car is moving is that the center cap will always remain still on all of the wheels. So when driving down the freeway going 80, if you look at the wheels, you can clearly see and read the center cap as if the car was standing still. Also this allows all four wheels to have the center cap perfectly positioned in an upright manner when showing it at shows. The front wheels are 20x10.5 and the rears are 20x11.5. Before anyone goes crazy about what tire size I am running, it is fairly tame. I am running the Nitto Invo's in 255/30 in the front and 295/25 in the rear. The reason being is while I could fit way wider tires on these wheels, they are setup perfectly for me to lower the Air Ride as low as it will allow. Unfortunately I left my good camera at another persons house, so all I have are these pictures that are not too great, but they will give you an idea.
  12. I did not buy new tps sensors when I bought these wheels, so they are not currently on the wheels. I would prefer to sell them with the tires since they such new tires and I do not have to pay 120 to have them unmounted. I figured this deal would interest someone who is looking for an almost new set of wheels and tires, to save some money from buying new, and to not have to wait to purchase the wheels from Shelby. (Last time I heard from someone I know, SPP stated a 2-3 month wait on the wheels. I paid over 3400 for the wheels, tires and install, and center caps, plus shipping. I am open to offers, so if interested in the complete setup shoot me a PM. I have received an offer for the wheels and center caps for right around what Shelby is asking, but I want to sell them with the tires. I am located in Northern California, but if someone in So California is interested, I would make a trip down there to sell them and save on shipping. As I mentioned before, I was not planning on selling these wheels, but an opportunity presented itself and now I am considering selling them. So if I receive an offer for the whole setup that works for me, then I will sell them.
  13. I have been provided an opportunity to work with a wheel company on a new wheel and I am curious as to what my wheels are worth. They are in great condition as they have only been driven to car shows. The tires on them are Nitto Invos. 255/35/20 in the front with approx 3,000 easy driven miles. The rears have new Invos in 285/30/20 that have been driven to LA for the Knotts show and that is all the mileage they have seen. I switched to this size because the 295 were rubbing and this size did not. They also have the Shelby center caps as well. So 4 wheels in great condition, 4 Nitto Invo tires and great condition, and the Shelby center caps. I love these wheels so much, so I am still deciding if I do indeed want to sell them.
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