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  1. I can't see myself putting 373 in my Shelby? It already spins 1-3rd gear and with cold tires 4th. I know rims and tires would help but it pulls so hard with the 331. I like the stock rearend IMO it's perfect!
  2. That I did not. Does that make a difference? And if so where do I get it quote name="66GT350PS" post="1513112" timestamp="1392257181"]Did you purchase the amp that works with the kicker system?
  3. Thanks but how do they look from the side? Just trying to see how or if the hang below the frame of the car
  4. I have some kind of a noise from the front right side but I thought it was the brakes. I wonder if this is my problem?
  5. I want to buy some LT headers but worried they will stick below the frame to much. Does any one have pictures of there gt500 w/ headers they would share?
  6. So I haven't been on here in a while. I was in Afghanistan and got medevacd out in Nov. anyways I replaced my door 6x9 and the rear with kicker. It's the same ones I believe I have seen on Shelby's store. I want to know if anyone has this same issue. If you adjust the fade to the rear you can barely hear sound? I don't get it. It's almost like no watts are going to them. Most of the sound comes from the 8 in sub in the door and front two 6x5. What can I do to get more sound out of the rear?
  7. I have the lethal xpipe with magnaflow high flow cats with SS black axel back tips.
  8. Do the LT hang low? I mean can you see them from a distance if you look under your car? I want a set on mine but on my 03 they hang below the frame and HATE that
  9. ANy mods you do could void the warranty. some dealerships will work with you though. If they install the parts. the Stock CAI isnt bad but I would deff do away with the paper filter and get the K&N which will not void it. If you do get a CAI, get the 127 mm I would prob look at getting a tune with that. I think I have some videos of mine with the K&N and JLT stock replacement Carbon fiber on youtube. I cant get on there from afghanistan but my screen name is albee26.
  10. I have one on my Roush and Shelby. I think I even posted pictures of it.
  11. I think it was a dyno Jet? I posted some pics on here I think.
  12. I dont care about ride quality. I have the Bilsten adjustable on mine. I am just looking for power upgrades. Thanks for the help
  13. So I had to come back to Afghanistan for my 5th deployment. I am looking to upgrade my 13 when I get back. Any suggestions? I have a 15% ATI and monoblade cobra jet TB alont with high flow cats and axel back exhaust tips. I am thinking about the KB 3.6? I have a few months before I get back and the crapy thing is both my Shelby and Roush are in Storage. So by the time I get back it will be crap weather in Upstate NY. Anyways any suggestions?
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