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  1. Yes the vents are not centered due to were water will drop down into engine. So when installing the dual stripes they will be slightly off center, however they must be tapered down as well back end wider then front. Stock stripes are this way as well tapered. If done right it is not noticeable unless one has tape measure.
  2. I actually installed the band TPMS on mine and used two flush valve stem kits on the inside wheel. New bands and mounting were $30 from American Muscle, and the flush valve stem packs (Gorilla Awsome) were $40 on Amazon. Reused old sensors. Absolutely no chance of rubbing anywere and you never see them. Worked out great.
  3. I actually installed the band TPMS on mine and used two flush valve stem kits on the inside wheel. New bands and mounting were $30 from American Muscle, and the flush valve stem packs (Gorilla Awsome) were $40 on Amazon. Reused old sensors. Absolutely no chance of rubbing anywere and you never see them. Worked out great.
  4. Ok just checked out in the garage (had to make the dinner first, and put in the oven) wheels are good, thank you Ford for doing one thing right. LOL they had a 50/50 chance. Must be camera angle. Still bumbed about my rear wheel, however most never see the chip (have the size of pencil eraser on the lip) but of course I see it.
  5. That's not good, now after I puke, I'll go check them. The Ford dealer put a small chip in my rear wheel trying to install the tires, and never balanced them right, or installed flush valve stems correctly. The other installer fixed the dealerships mistakes except for the small chip, however we are concerned how the tire comes off these wheels ( not sure if wheel gets disassembled or not) either way hate to have to go through the tire change ordeal again. Beautiful wheels but a real PITA when it comes to tire install. I'm going to have to send the one rear wheel back to the manufacture to have the chip fixed.
  6. Ok, I know it's sacrilege to run lights on our cars, but I really think if done right it can be cool. Besides I went into the military in early mid nineties, and this was all the rage. Back then there was no led lights, ony neon lights, which broke often (expensive suckers too) and only covered a little of the car. Oh how technology has changed from way back when. Led strip lights are cheap, long lasting, and with protective coverings and wide flexibility, the whole care underneath can have lights. Add black adhesive to black led strips and they are hardly even noticeable from underneath, and will stay on straight and true till you want to remove.. I spent a full couple of days recently and ran them cleanly, and hooked them up to a 2 channel remote which was cheap as dirt as well, which I hidden near the ABS system. They work great, and are completely stealthy. The true color is blue to match the car, but photos on the IPhone distort the light a little. Wife and I dig them, father not so much. I was at a cruse for kids with cancer, and let the kids get in the car, and the last girl was all smiles, as she got out I asked her if she liked the Shelby. She said she loved it, and I said the car must of loved you too, because you lit it up (just then I squeezed the trigger in my pocket) and the car lit up blue. She was amazed and her mom started to cry. It was worth all the work for just that moment. Oh I did see the new press releases for the 2017 GT350 and Ford put lights on that car, so maybe it's going to make a come back? Or for the haters, it could be a cool lure when fishing for those Honda's.
  7. Thank you so much, I feel the same way about yours. Lots and lots of wrenching and time went into her,I'm glad must people aprove, and like most of the modifications. It's one of my dream cars
  8. Same to you, love the how you did your grill, different and looks sharp. Of course I'm a huge fan of the colors too
  9. Thanks, I'm actually the 3rd owner, but yup the regular package was that (unless you got the Super Duper package and went out to Las Vegas for the race weekend, had the lunch/track time/race next day, then it was more), and they had a hard time selling them from my understanding, but they all did get sold. Your car is stunning, and you are one of the luckiest guys I know. You have the Le-creme of le-creme when it comes to what wheels to put on the car. LOL like the best guy shoe closet ever! Please stay in touch, and I'm hoping to see you on Vaca, and spend the rest of the money I don't have. Then again we can't take it with us, so might as well enjoy life
  10. There was a set for sale on here a while back which I would have loved to purchase(and tried too) and still will if the buyer changes their mind. However that package that was for sale is registered to a black KR, but having spare emblems would be nice in case something happens to the ones on the car. Unfortunately there are no real spares out there, and I can see one getting stolen or easily faded/ scuffed by cleaning the car. The only exception is floor matts, which is wise to purchase extra sets, because once they're gone from the Shelby store they're gone. Thanks I love the rims as well, they spin up real nice but are a real pain to put tires on, in fact my installer isn't sure how to get them off, might have to disassemble the wheel. They do however update the look, and no-one wants something to happen to their Acola rims.. Those bad boys should either get put away, or sold for big $$ while the market is hot. Thanks, this is my forever car, and once the wife and I are gone it will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
  11. Thank you, I had the Graphics made by Landis Graphics, with a slightly deeper metallic blue, then the Ford blue. Reason being is I wanted to respect the matt black stripes SAI used, but I love the original Ford traditional/ iconic blue on the white. At dusk the stripes almost looks like black rather then blue, but in the sun it's a beautiful deep blue. I saw the blue done this way on the Shelby concept Super Snake car that went up for sale, and thought it was a great idea, and since the car was originally white with blue stripes, it just seemed right.
  12. I'm going to go, and can't wait to see everyone there!
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