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  1. Hey Goose, I'm probably the oldest guy in this chat, but you're right about the miles of smiles, enjoyed the message.
  2. Hey Guys, I appreciate the concern and advice, but I've never raw dogged either of my Shelby's. I get more enjoyment by just going out to the garage and sitting with them in the evening. Both cars have enjoyed a life of leisure, attending car shows and cruise-ins. Both cars have been to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach SC. 3 times each, which is a 1,000 mile round trip. Both Stangs are low mileage, the white SGT just turned 29,000 miles and the red GT 500 has 17,000 miles. Thanks again for the feedback.
  3. It was the stock pulley and he tweaked the tune a little. I wanted a smaller pulley but he advised against it, said I was getting to old and didn't want to see me get hurt lol. After the 3rd run he pulled it out to the parking lot, dropped the clutch and did a 360 which scared the crap out of me. There was 9 other Mustangs getting dynoed that day and the only one that had a better pull than me (518 RWHP) was my buddy with an 08 Bullit. The same guy had installed the Bullit with a Whipple months earlier but didn't tell me until later that he got a special tune from that company in Indiana. With the Kenne Bell the cold air is installed on the passenger side and had to relocate the windshield wiper fluid bottle which came with the supercharger kit. Both chargers work well with the 4.6, but that polished Kenne Bell looks killer. You're going to love it Tom...........
  4. When the warranty ran out on my 07 white SGT, I went with the 2.6 Kenne Bell. After the mechanic installed it, who was one of my car buddies that worked at our local Ford dealership. The next day we went to the dyno shop and the 1st two runs were 583.3 and 539.5 at the flywheel. We didn't realize the air conditioner was still on, so I ran across the street and got a bag of ice and set in on top of the supercharger. He turned off the air conditioner, waited 20 minutes for the ice to cool it down and did a 3rd run. To my surprise the 3rd run was 591.1 at the flywheel and 514 RWHP. Needless to say, I haven't hit the rev limiter since that day.
  5. Thanks for the info and update, I saw the Vegas paint scheme SGT yesterday and looking forward to seeing the other three.
  6. Hey Steven, thanks for clarifying the story I shared, that's all I was looking for. Like I said, I wasn't advocating what the old guy said was true, but it sure made for an interesting story. Thanks again Jerry
  7. The reason I'm trying to find out, is to support or disprove a story I was told back in 2010 when we attended Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach. We pulled into a Ford Dealership one evening to kill some time before one of the events, and several of the sales personnel came out to look at our cars. One particular, older, well dressed, gentleman walked around my 07 white SGT, paused and said, son (i was 55 then) this is a low vin numbered car isn't it. I replied yes sir, it's number 0104, how could you tell. Your hood scoop gave it away, all of these early vin numbered SGT's were equipped with the scoops that came from Carroll Shelby's personal inventory, that came from the early sixties cobras that he built. I'm trying to be respectful, but I'm thinking to myself, get out. He went on to say there is a recall on these scoops, but do not turn this scoop back in for the upgraded one, you'll be sorry later on. I'm not advocating what the old guy shared with me was actually true, but it sure was a cool story. By the way, my pristine 28,000 mile 07 SGT is still wearing that warped 1st generation scoop.
  8. When all of my Mustang buddies and myself would travel to car events, they would always tell me that I looked like a bobcat going down the road. I let one of the guys drive my car so i could see for myself, and they were right. I didn't have the nerve to drill the holes in my trunk lid, so I spent a year searching for a lid that was already set up for a spoiler. I put a GT500 spoiler on my 07 white SGT and haven't regretted it one bit. The only bobcat in the group now is an 08 Bullitt.
  9. Can anyone clarify if all of the 07 SGT's were equipped with what we call the 1st generation scoops, that have the imitation rivets and bolted on underneath with four nuts, or did they change later in production that year, to the scoops with the actual functioning rivets.
  10. Still have the KR wheels and tires  available? 

  11. Hey Grabber, just wanted to say thanks for all of the information you provided. I just picked up my 07 red GT500 from the dealership yesterday, they installed the 2010 clutch assembly that I purchased from Tasca Ford. They also installed a KR short throw shifter that I bought last year. Needless to say, the car never drove and shifted so well driving home. Thanks again, Jerry in Ohio
  12. My 10 year anniversary will be on July 15th, which is actually my birthday. I added a Kenne Bell 2.6 supercharger when the extended warranty ran out in 2013. I also bought a 2007 red with white stripes gt500 in 2013, but my white SGT vin 0104 will always be my 1st Love, which happens to be my last name as well.
  13. I have 4 wheels and the tires for $4,000 if anyone is interested. They have less than 500 miles on them.
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