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  1. And that's Chad McQueen standing to the rear on the drivers side and driving the car
  2. These look like the seat covers from TMI that you can by from American Muscle front and back or just the front,also i think LMR has them or direct fromTMI
  3. Hawkeye, Schnucks carries it all the time both beef and chicken
  4. Not only the stogie but wing tip shoes.
  5. Whats wrong with Foxbodys i enjoy mine
  6. No mine has a red back ground with white cobra on front ,the back is Carroll with a lot of hair. I also have one from 2019 with a navy blue back ground and same photo on back. The red one is the same logo that is on the 2019 hat.I don't know how to post a photo.
  7. I got my kit the other day,did any one notice that the collector coin is stamped 2019 not 2020
  8. I got my renewal yesterday and it expires on Jan 20 2020 so it's about 30 days prior to expiration,also there is a note that states you have to email your shirt size to bfawn@shelby.com to have it included in your membership package.
  9. Hawkeye if you need ride to pick up the car i will be happy to drive you there.
  10. Chris,i have been getting mine for the last 5 years online already have 2020. Larry
  11. Hawkeye you forgot to mention that it was Mustangs vs. Cameros and the Mustangs far out numbered the Cameros
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