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  1. Thanks for the info, was trying not to go the paint route because of expense
  2. What about the silver stripes ? Do you know of anything for them
  3. Chris,the photos are from the first Shelby annual 2007 and Happy Thanksgiving. Larry
  4. Rich,sorry to miss your show this year,is this a new date for this show.
  5. Thanks for posting the flier Hawkeye.
  6. Value wise i ordered this jacket a few years ago with my CSM# 07SGT1271 on it,the cost at that time was $500.00,but this is only good to whoever own's the car.If i ever sell it i would include it with the car,unless i can find a Grabber Orange SGT then i would have a patch made with the new CSM#
  7. The article i read yesterday said Cruise is out and Matt Damon is in as Carroll and Christian Bale is in as Ken Miles.
  8. I also get that clicking after it sits for a couple weeks, it sounds like the CD changer,this is my 3rd S195 mustang and they all did that.
  9. Chris,thanks for asking about the photos and YellowPony thanks for posting.
  10. Finally got thru to Jeremy and renewed,he said the reason for getting a new number is that California was doing things a little different than Vegas and if it happened to let them know and should be able to get original number.It would be nice if this was a automatic renewal on the credit card like the magazines do.
  11. I tried for 10 days after i got my renewal notice and always getting a not a secure notice,while i was on the phone waiting to talk to a sales person for one hour and ten minutes i tried again on the notice,i was able to bring it up but would not take my payment,tried 4 different cards. And no i did not get through,i also left a message in California and in Vegas and no return call. I will try one more time then i am out of here,it's a shame also when trying to get the classifieds on the SGT forum says page do'es not exist .
  12. Welcome, i"m in Rockford where are you?
  13. When i bought my SGT 1271 5 years ago it had 1650 miles on it,called my broker at Safeco and told them i had a Shelby. The Vin came back as a Mustang GT,i took pictures of every angle and the under body.The main thing was i had a Certificate of Authenticity and a Monroney Report,it is insured as a Modern Classic with agreed value of $40,000,also my 1989 GT Vert is also agreed at $15,000.The cars go into storage Nov 1st to May 1st i'm in Illinois so no Winter driving,i have a 04 as a daily driver.So the two reports are the big thing to have.Hope this helps.
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