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  1. CHEVY IS OFFERING DISCOUNTS TO MUSTANG OWNERS. https://carbuzz.com/news/chevrolet-makes-an-unusual-offer-to-ford-mustang-owners?fbclid=IwAR0EdytCEIG3qeZx020mQPAXeo9m5C9sXsadBM4ON2I2pmkk_C-fjmTh2cE
  2. Hawkeye, for as long as I can remember, her in Fl, its been a 2 mile radius of the school. Not sure of anywhere else.
  3. Thanks Goose. Now the fun starts, settling with Insurance and finding her a new (to her) car..... They called yesterday to settle and amazing enough, the offer was within a Hundred dollars of what I expected. I expected to have to "argue" for more.
  4. Run time usually depends on how many show up/register. I have done Track Day with MCA at AMP (Atlanta Motorsports Park). We had 20 min sessions. If I remember correctly we had 6 sessions (3 morning. 3 afternoon) and they had 25-30 in each session.
  5. Banged up but OK, she rear ended someone.
  6. Thanks Guys, She got a instantanous migrane and lost sight in both eyes. Rear ended someone and pushed them into the car in front of them. She is bruised up but on the recovery path. Shes upset that she wrecked the car. As you both stated and I told her, the car can be replaced. It was her I was concerned about.
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