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  1. Priceless...thanks for posting BB. Not a great football fan but JJ deserves it!!
  2. Had issue with 315/35/20 MPSS, running a 305/25/20 now and did 189 MPH on a high speed run in Oct. I had read there was a side wall issue with certain sizes a few years ago.
  3. On the street, no real difference other than the Cup 2's tend to grab ruts of the road more. But, I had Cups on the Non R so I knew that would happen. On the Track, definitely could feel the difference. Seems like she can hold the track better.
  4. Got her in Sept, put 2000 miles on her and 2 days at Daytona International Speedway going fast...
  5. Same old stuff. Not sure if I posted here, traded my 2016 GT350 in Sept for a 2019 GT350R. Had a blast on the Daytona Speedway last weekend.
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