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  1. This years event was awesome as always.
  2. Yea, thats the Terlingua event but its 10.4 miles. PM your email, will send you video.
  3. not sure what you mile race run you are speaking about. I did the one in Terlingua and it did well.
  4. I'm in the bay also, my local dealer changes the oil in my 20017 GT500 and GT350. They have been good to me.
  5. Morning. Was out in West Texas (Terlingua) last week. Started out in the 90's, but Friday/Sat the high was 65 Was glad to get back to Florida yesterday.
  6. Cups are soft and dont last, Have MPSS on rear and 4S on front of my GT500. They hold up pretty well.
  7. Because its about 3 to 4 weeks of work to dismantle. They are typically made to handle the wind, (as I was told this). But the operator is supposed to release the "clutch" or "brake" and let the boom free swing. (again, what I was told.
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