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  1. Turned 87K while in New Zealand. Picture is at a Cars and Coffee Event in Auckland NZ
  2. Morning Lobby, just checking in😎
  3. No issues driving it home. Had the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang option added in NZ. She floated and flew all the way home.... She is still in NZ, should be shipped out next week
  4. A Blast does not explain it enough, probably the best vacation I have had in a long time. Yes, Dan and Marji are awesome people.
  5. Afternoon Lobby. Great time in NZ, got back to the grind yesterday
  6. The one who ran for Governor this past year?
  7. Sam, Look up Sean Cook, SMC events. He is leading this crusade for the next 2 weeks. https://www.facebook.com/SMCEvents/
  8. Morning Lobby. Will be off line for a few weeks. Heading out on Vacation in New Zealand. See you on the other side.
  9. I was just going to post your post from FB. Thanks for reaching out Doogie
  10. After that trip, Steve and I talked off and on for a year or so, then did not hear from him again. He was going thru "life" and was getting by at that time. When we first met the day before the picture, I got the feeling we were not getting along. The next day we acted like best friends. He was a terrific person and his wife was wonderful. Those were good times.
  11. When everyone was posting pics of Ruffy, I was looking for this one but could not find it. Burnout Boy (Pete) posted it on FB this morning. This was my first encounter with any NTT members back in 2013. We met in Asheville for a car show. We all bet Bryan would back out at the last moment. But he ended up showing up for the day. NTT members in the picture (left to right): Myself, Burnout Boy (JerseyGator), Steve (BossDoc) and Ruffy (Bryan). That was a great weekend! RIP Bryan (Ruffy)
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