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  1. For any of you guys looking for one....there is a new black/silver stripe Super Snake on the showroom floor of my local Ford Dealer, Ford Square at Mt,Vernon, Illinois price was 135K
  2. Congrats on the new BOSS. Looks great. Once I sell the 500 I have my eye on an old Mach I owned 35 years ago but a 13 BOSS is definitely next in line. That's the main reason I advertised the 500 with the black Forgestars as optional as I'll have a home for them on a BOSS someday. I have a little BOSS DNA in my blood going back to 71 when I got my first.
  3. He's back... "gasketmkr" Just saw where he called an old car a "jack ass cart" which is one of orange, sideoiler, etc etc etc favorite descriptions that I've seen numerous times before about anything old. Another post he berates a 350 owner about his asking price. Then comments about something orange said... Geez...
  4. Thanks Viper. I was expecting a little "manageable" fish tailing, but it amazes me how the thing goes so straight when you gas it now.
  5. I have a 1700 mile 14 and personally wouldn't want to change a thing about the exhaust. I think they sound great but to each his own. I think as long as the guy wanting to buy your car someday intends to mod it too nothing you do will keep that individual away. However, you are likely excluding those people who don't want a modded car even though the mods are reversible so you are limiting your market pool of potential customers when sale day comes. I personally can't imagine 662 hp not being enough but again just my opinion. The only mod I did is wider tires, which triggered the necessity of wider wheels, to gain some traction but if I had it to do over I would first have tried just lowering the car an inch in back to throw some more weight on the back. Lowering the rear, coupled with a better tire like Michelin, Toyo or whatever might have been enough, allowing me to stay with my stock SVT wheels which I prefer over anything aftermarket. I just wish I had thought of the lowering thing before spending $1700 on wheels. Might not have worked but it would have been worth a try.
  6. I've been on at least half a dozen rides since I got the Michelins on and always have to wind it up once or twice through 2nd. and 3rd. and still no death wobble for me. Maybe they don't bite as good as a Toyo or Nitto but I am not going to be entering any drag races and I couldn't be happier with the results. When I had the OEM Goodyears on it would always kick the rear out to the right and would have come around if you didn't let off rendering the car pretty much useless unless it was just a way to get to work. Now when you punch it it goes straight as an arrow. I can't fathom a guess as to why some folks experience the death wobble thing and some do not. Bad batch of tires? Something off in the suspension? Something off with the Nannys? I don't know. I am just happy mine are working like they are supposed to.
  7. Same for me. Every car or truck I've owned in the last 30+ years, except a BOSS 302 that got TA radials, I've converted to Michelins when they needed tires. Last two F250's I've bought, an 08 and 14, came from the factory with Michelins. I always considered them the best tire you could buy. I think you are right though about launching and drag racing. Every time I would get heavy on the throttle with the OEM Goodyears the car would try to get sideways. Now however when you gas it it will still break loose in 2nd but it goes straight.
  8. Thanks Viper. I sure feel more confident now. It's way better than it was with the OEM Goodyears.
  9. Finally got my wheels and tires mounted and on but so far no death wobble. Hammered it at about 55-60 in 3rd gear and ran it up to about 90 and smooth as can be. It was biting and scratching for traction trying to break loose but no side to side motion or wobbles that I could feel, at least this time. Kind of strange the first ride felt real choppy but another ride yesterday was very smooth so I guess I am happy. Maybe the tires were just stiff and needed run in a little.
  10. Knowing how most 20 something tire jockeys attitudes are, scratching up my new rims was a big worry for me too. The Ford dealer, where I bought the tires, had a part broken on their machine that they never did get around to fixing so I had to go in cold to the local tire store where I had bought nothing. Told the guy behind the counter I had some expensive rims I had hoped to get some tires mounted on and wondered if he could put his best man on the job as i didn't want them all scratched up. He assured me they wouldn't scratch anything as it's the same store that mounts all the big fancy truck rims, sold down the street, for the 4 wheel drive boys. Young man, who looked like Billy Gibbons due to his beard, did a great job so I flipped him 10 bucks as a tip and hoped to get him next time as I could only haul one rim and tire at a time in the back of the Expedition. As my luck would have it, the next time and the two more times afterward that it took to do all four resulted in a different guy every time so I went through $40 in tips but I guess word got around and not a blemish to be found on any of them.
  11. Good luck to you sir. I still don't know anymore than I did last week. If Winter would ever get over I would get the tires on and report back with the results assuming I don't put the thing in a ditch and flip it or something... Also, unless things have changed with the updated Michelin you speak of I didn't think Michelin made a 305. I was thinking they went from 295 to 315, skipping the 305. I could be wrong.
  12. Pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News. I think car haulers are listed under "transportation". I haven't looked in 10 years but there used to be several one and two car custom haulers that advertised there. Thomas Sunday is a name I still remember. Not vouching for him just remember the name and it seemed like he was a one man operation... a guy with a dually and a trailer. Good luck!
  13. Got one of the 295 105Y Ferrari Wobblers? mounted yesterday and at least the fit is perfect.... About 1/2" clearance between the tire and the shock dust cover on the inside and it doesn't stick out past the body on the outside. Just what I was hoping for. Three more to mount and get on and we'll see what happens.
  14. Well said Mach !! I have zero experience on a road course and haven't driven a 350 at all but how good does a car need to handle on the street? My 14 500 feels like it's on rails on a twisty road. I have driven my cousins 13 BOSS and couldn't tell a bit of difference between it and my 500 on the street. I suspect you would have to have laptop hooked up to test G's or whatever the measurement is to tell the difference and prove a 350 is the better at handling, which I am sure it is if that's what you are after. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a 350 parked in the garage too but wouldn't trade my 500 off to make it happen.
  15. The stock rim will measure 10" outside to outside but the correct place to measure a rim is between the rim flanges and it should measure 9.5 there. I know many people have put 295's on stock rims but I am just surprised a Michelin dealer would mount them given the Michelin tire charts I've looked at all say 10" minimum rim width for the 295. Good luck to you. I am going to get my tires mounted on my 11 x 20 Forgestars this week and see what happens. If I never log back in, I guess the Michelin Death Wobble got me....
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