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  1. You should check out this place. I have been there a few times and there is always a few cool cars and Shelby stuff for sale. https://www.billshepherdmustang.com/
  2. I think this truck is much better the what is currently offered. I love the single cab, brakes, wheels and interior upgrade. If it had a hood that looked more like the 15/16 SS it would be perfect. If it is priced right and the options are right I would be a buyer. The car is cool and if it has impressive 1/4 times I am sure it would sale. I however am still patiently waiting for a new KR.
  3. There is no chance I would trade in my KR for anything including the new GT500. I have never liked the front of these cars however I do own a 2017. Black wheels are boring but I could live with them if they are carbon fiber. There are way cooler and more practical cars at that price range. With that said I like the automatic and the HP numbers and there is a 95% chance I will buy one when the ADMs go away. 😬
  4. Yes. Ford paid to have it repainted and fitted.
  5. All the 2015 and up mustangs are like that. Ford had to repaint my trunk and rear drivers side fender. The trunk alinement was so off that it caught the rear fender and chipped the paint. It fits perfectly now.
  6. He will buy a set for $1,500, ruin them by powder coating, and then sale them for $2,000 a wheel. lol I would have been interested but I just found out my car is the wrong year.
  7. They most definitely without a doubt came with blue filters. Over time and even without driving they will turn gray. I guess it is possible if they are stored in a red dirt part of the country the gray could be replaced with red dust.
  8. It came with blue and I believe a replacement can still be bought from Shelby.
  9. They year does not matter to me. First would be the condition of the car. Second would be the color.
  10. My guess is you have air in the system. Massage the hoses until it pushes all the air out and starts pumping again. It can takes several minutes. I have changed/upgraded my system several times and every time air gets trapped in the pump. If possible while the pump is running remove it from the mounting bracket and massage the hose while placing the pump at different angles. That usually forces the air out in a couple of seconds.
  11. By the time it detracts from the value (if ever) you will be long dead.
  12. Iconic Shelby GT returns to the Shelby American lineup with public introduction inside Ford Motor Company’s “Mustang Alley” during Woodward Dream Cruise Fastback, convertible, manual and automatic transmission options available Based on Ford Mustang GT, the 480 horsepower (estimated) sports car will be available through dealers in North America and mod shops worldwide starting just over $60,000 Shelby GT-H “Heritage” Edition celebrates the roots of the Shelby GT in a rental program Everyone seems to missing the point of the Heritage car. It is paying homage to the Hertz cars. It’s a great way to get the sweet Hertz color combo in a car that you can pick your own options on and there is no worry about how it was treated when it was a rental. I think this car looks awesome. The hood and the wheels are a great improvement over the SS look. However I am still holding out hope and my money for a new GT500KR convertible someday.
  13. No. It is just like the SS. Select dealers will send their cars to Shelby for the conversion or the individual can send his/her car.
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