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  1. Marco3D, For the sound of fury, I don't think you can beat Borla ATAK. It's always a personal choice, but the build quality and performance (especially no drone anywhere in the rev band)sets the Borla apart from the pack in my experience. Not sure what tone range you're focused on, but I love the ATAKs from idle to full right foot planted. Good luck with the search for your sound, Quinn
  2. Bruce, I use Griot's Garage products. Their engine cleaner is spray on, hose off. Works great, environmentally safe,and that's all it takes. Good luck with your ride. All the best, Quinn
  3. Autobuff40, Welcome to the Team. Lots of outstanding people with tons of real world experience that they're happy to share are on this site. Regarding your muffler question, The Ford Racing mufflers are sourced out of Borla. Go to their site, or YouTube and you'll get some great sound clips. I'm running Borla ATAKs on my '12, and they are aggressive - just the way I wanted them. Some drivers prefer the Borla Touring sound - a bit more civilized, but there when you put your foot into it. The key feature I really like about Borla is they have absolutely no drone - anywhere in the rev band. Either the Ford Racing or actual Borla's will serve you well. Good luck with your mods, and enjoy the miles, shipmate. Quinn
  4. cormy, First off, congratulations on your new ride. Only you will know when the feel is what you want/expect/demand it to be, but getting there is what makes it your car. I've been pretty conservative with my mods and subsequent tune, but have enjoyed getting there and the results that I've seen so far. I'm still on the stock blower, but have worked the engine with colder plugs, a FRPP throttle body, and increased cooling with both larger coolant tanks and a dual fan heat exchanger. Haven't gotten off the stock injectors yet, so there's still that to work. The point is there's still pieces to fiddle with - either before or after you make any change, so I would counsel looking at your mods as a continuing process that stops when you get the feeling you want when you put your right foot into it. Like the guys above said, a pulley/tune/plugs combo will give you a change in feeling that will certainly be closer to the one you're setting as your goal. That's a legitimate good start to getting to where you want the car to be. Where the goal line is will be up to you, and that's the great joy of these beasts; they can reflect your personality and style in any form, from cruiser, to street rod, to strip shredder, to track star. Take a moment to inventory what you like as well as what you don't like about your car, and go to work changing what needs to change. Good luck with the mods. All the best, Quinn
  5. ... and roll the windows down. Passengers are just a distraction.
  6. Justin, As an alternative, you might consider looking at True Forged (the wheel guys) web site for their custom built heat extractors. All metal construction, painted to your specs (mine is body color (black) with brushed silver mesh on the vents, with it all clear coated. Pretty nice product, and a direct swap for the OE plastic piece. Good luck with the mod, Quinn
  7. Robert M, Concur. I'm running an ATI 10% overdrive pulley.
  8. Shadow, Good morning. I have both on my 2012 and went with a conservative dyno tune and came out with some good results. No blower problems experienced with my set up. I shopped Revan Racing for my overdrive pulley, but VMP is also a good source. Quinn
  9. Shelby 12, As you can see in my sig, I have the dual bore FRPP throttle body on my 12. I do highway cruising and show my car locally, so probably could get by with the OE piece, but changed it out as part of my overall mod plan. Partly because I could, and partly for the potential that I can grow with it in place. Hell, at 80 on the highway, not necessary. However, getting to where I am currently (603hp/630tq at the wheels) says it is a solid investment. Had a saying when I was sailing in warships; "If there's any doubt, there's no doubt." If you question the value/utility/return on investment of the install, you've probably already got your answer. Take it easy, Quinn
  10. Dov, Welcome to the Team. You'll find plenty of great people with tons of experience and expertise on our cars here. You certainly don't have the stock suspension set up, as the stock configuration is just the strut poking through the opening and some rubber and factory nuts to hold things in place. The presence of a caster/camber mod doesn't necessarily mean lowered. You should be able to just check out the springs/struts to determine whether they're still OEM Ford pieces or aftermarket. Lund tunes can either be sent to you electronically to put in your own tuner, or you can upgrade to a remote tune session at a shop. If you have, or can obtain any ID info on original owner, it might be well worth the effort to contact him/her and talk about the mods installed, and any "good to know" info about the car. Good luck with your ride, brother. Enjoy the miles. All the best, Quinn
  11. Easy job in your garage with jack stands. Did mine and no issues. Good luck with the mod.
  12. U S NAVY Enlisted '70, Commissioned '80, Retired 2011; all active duty. Loved every minute.
  13. For my 2012, I checked and confirmed with SPP that Venom Force is only on the ARH headers sold via SPP. I went straight ARH and that's what's on my unit.
  14. Blakehg, Welcome. Lots of great people with a ton of experience to share here on the Team. I went with Ford Racing lowering springs for my 12. 1.25" drop. Mine were part of the FRPP FR3 suspension pkg, which did springs, sway bars, and struts. You can check out any of the items individually at the Ford Racing Part Direct site. All pieces are done in Ford Racing blue. Note that you'll need Lower Control Arm relocation brackets and an adjustable panhard bar to center the rear suspension after lowering. Good luck with the mods. All the best, Quinn
  15. lemarin, I'm running 305-30 MPSS on 20x10.5" rims at the rear on my lowered 2012 and the fit is fine. Absolutely no rubbing or any fitment issues. Think you'll like the wider stance of the 305 in back. Good luck with the mod. Quinn
  16. Got the note from Ford for my '12. Says, "we'll call you when we have the parts..." Considering the numbers involved in this particular passion play, I don't expect to hear from them any time real soon.
  17. If you're in the Hampton Roads area, Suzie Perry at Bowditch Ford in Newport News is a car head, and their internet sales lead. She's totally straight up, and will either get you what you need wrt price, or tell you when/how things might improve. Good luck with the search. Quinn
  18. ICOOLUM, I put Baer Eradispeed drilled/slotted 14" rotors front and back on my '12. Worth looking at them to see what they might offer for the '13-'14 setup. Good luck with the search, Quinn
  19. Torched10, There's at least two of us still alive on the planet... Quinn
  20. I changed mine out in my garage a couple months ago. Like the other guys have noted, a straightforward install. No issues or problems. Look great, work fine.
  21. Shelbye1, Like you, I don't track my car. I cruise and go to local shows. I was running a MRT H-Pipe with the high flow cats when I had it attached to the OE manifold and going out to Borla ATAKs in the back. Now I'm hooked up to ARH Long Tubes with an ARH H-Pipe still going back to the Borla ATAKs. The advantage to the catted aftermarket H is mostly cleaner, less restricted exhaust flow. The H gives you a more old school sound compared to an X-pipe, but the sound maker is the muffler itself. The MRT H bolts right in, whether or not you change mufflers. It makes things flow more smoothly to whatever sound maker you have on the back end. Good luck, and enjoy the mods. Quinn
  22. dednock, Never had to go through the "grind," but felt there was way too much play (slop) in the the stock shifter. The MGW is just a superior piece; short, definite shifts with no doubt about where you are in the pattern throughout the gears. Pretty sure you'll have a big grin on your face once she's in and you're out on the road. Take it easy, Quinn
  23. dednock, I also looked at both - and went with the MGW. Easy install with a lift available (base auto hobby shop), and absolutely night and day improvement in shift feel/performance. Good luck with all your Spring mods. Quinn
  24. MolanLabe, Welcome to the Team, and that is really what it is. Great people with a ton of experience and expertise to share. Ego gets parked at the curb, so never hesitate to hit the site with any questions you might have. Congratulations on your new ride. Enjoy the miles. All the best, Quinn
  25. Can't go wrong with the Jack flying on the bow. A great interpretation / tribute. Go for it, shipmate. Quinn
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