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  1. Hey guys, newbie question- if you use a ford racing rear gear(I assume that's what everyone is doing right?), is it still covered by the warranty?
  2. To make matters worse they just told me... "The pricing is in line with eBay and other local dealers as far as Jacksonville are charging close to $10,000 over sticker" I guess that's supposed to make me feel better about getting bent over for a $2500 ADM from my local dealer!
  3. Thanks for weighing in. Any regrets going 3.73 instead of 3.55? Top speed is inconsequential to me (speed limited 'vert- and I live in America...how often am I really going to hit 155?), I just want to best balance between pull and "cruisablity". I love the clutch saving aspect of the gear change, great point!
  4. Take Sarasota Ford off of the "good guy" list- I was just told, no less than $2500 ADM on 13's & 14's
  5. Has anyone changed the gear ratio on their new '13 yet? Will a Ford Racing 3.73 set up keep the warranty intact?
  6. Mine will be a daily driver- being in Florida and not having a sweet convertible to drive everyday is a crime! But with that said, I own my companies and they are all online so I only put about 5k a yr on my car.
  7. Howdy Boys- I live in Sarasota and i'll be looking to pick up a vert in the next year. I want to see what happens to the 2012's (if there are any left in a color I want) once the '13's come out to decide which to buy. Who did you guys buy from? I'd love to find a great dealer anywhere from Tampa down to Port Charlotte to buy from. Thanks- Melford
  8. OK guys- here's yet another newbie question that has prob been answered before: What kind of mods can I have the ford dealer do for me that won't void the warranty? I see lot's of guys on here with '11 and '12 that have extensive mods...did you guys get to keep your warranty in place? Thanks
  9. OK, I guess I can buy the safety thing (eevn tho it was open in America). Don't know about you, but I think the wheels are sexy- def no need for aftermarkets for me!
  10. God...bad marketing kills me! What are they thinking not showing off the mightiness, especially with GM blowing TONS of dough at the auto shows...
  11. Indeed! Cage from the factory would be super sexy!
  12. 2 daughters, 2 dogs and 3 businesses = I hear ya.... I didn't think the tracks let non-roll cage verts really go at it- am I mistaken? (please someone say yes)
  13. Am I correct that it's because track won't let you "race" a vert? I'm buying a vert too, I love track days...but I fear the two with never meet (the man will keep us vert onwers down!).
  14. Why in gods name wouldn't they pop the hood??? If that wouldn't draw a crowd nothing will!
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