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  1. I'm definitely in as I live about an hour away as well. One more reason for the wife and I to make our monthly trip up there. I'm willing to volunteer if any help is needed as well.
  2. I have USAA as well and thought that was their policy but wasn't sure if they have different policies, etc... and didn't want to raise anyone's hopes with wrong info.
  3. You may want to check your usaa policy for their repair terms. If they will pay for oem parts you may want to go through usaa to have the car fixed and then have usaa deal directly with suing State Farm. This process is going to get ugly with lawyers involved and the car won't be getting fixed anytime soon. A big motivator is to move the car to a non-state farm preffered shop, the shop will be charging storage fees for everyday the car sits on the lot and insurance companies hate paying that. Most preferred shops aren't allowed to charge storage fees. I had an 85 Monte Carlo ss, the VIN number was 000001 and that was saving grace of it being a "collector" car so I went through this exact process. I used my insurance and the claim wasn't settled for nearly 18 months.
  4. Better place your orders real soon. Obama's new executive order he signed yesterday bans importing these firearms back into the country. When their gone their gone!
  5. No answers for ya but have you checked out the sn95 or mustang evolution forums?
  6. I've also seen a holster that will mount to the underside of the steering column. I carry on my person so I never looked carefully at this holster but it looked quite intriguing.
  7. I'm running 20x9 in all corners. 255 up front and 275 in the rear
  8. Wow a lot of shooters on this board. Maybe we should plan a Shelby/range meetup!
  9. Only you can decide which one is best for you. I have several different pistols for different occasions and also what clothes I'm wearing. Usually I carry my glock 26 9mm subcompact. If I'm in business attire I'll carry my seecamp because its small and fits in my pocket. If you are looking for some real stopping power look at the Smith and Wesson M&P 45. I love that pistol but its a bit big to carry all the time. Thankfully we have open carry here in CT. Whatever you do make sure you use hollow point bullets when carrying. They have more stopping power but more importantly they don't ricochet. You can use regular and cheaper full metal jacket bullets at the range.
  10. You just need a simple 3.5mm male to male cable. Radio shack, best buy, probably even Walgreens or CVS carries them. I found my cable in a dell computer box that they ship with thier speakers.
  11. Vandy, how do you get a race down there? My friend has been trying to contact all those guys including the production crew and no one will contact him back. He doesn't want to be on the show he just wants to go against these so called fastest cars in the country.
  12. Auction ended. Hopefully it didn't end with a buy it now.
  13. I just pulled a slot car track, the old Barbie bus, and my masters of the universe play sets out of my moms attic a few months ago. It was awesome watching my kids play with the toys my sister and I played 30 years ago
  14. Just be careful with that website. Powerwheel fever is contagious!
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