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  1. Resonator delete came today. It took about 10 minutes to install it. I agree it looks better than the stock resonator! Thanks guys.
  2. Has anyone installed the supercharger resonator eliminator from Ford racing parts? Does it improve the sound (whine) of the supercharger? Thanks Gene
  3. I've been watching the posts on this thread. I am interested in a pair of the separators when they become available. Uncovered the car last week when the temp got to 65 degrees here in PA, just to give it a mid-winter hug. LOL
  4. I have seen several GT500s displaying vinyl graphics showing "Northeast Team Shelby" in letters about 3 inches tall with a border around the phrase. Does anyone know if they are available to purchase and from whom? Thanks (Of course I am asking about buying the graphics package ... not the aforementioned cars).
  5. Shelby American was the innovator in the development of the Sunbeam Tiger. Dave Friedman devotes a chapter in his book "Shelby American Racing History" to the concept development of the Sunbeam Tiger street car and race car. According to Friedman, Doane Spencer suggested to Ian Garrard (Rootes Motors) that Rootes use a ford 260 ci Ford engine in the proposed Sunbeam Tiger sports car as Carroll Shelby had in the AC Cobra. Spencer was hoping to land the job of building the first sunbeam tiger but that deal went to Shelby American. Ken Miles (a Shelby employee) was given the task to build the street version of the vehicle in his small workshop (as Shelby American was undergoing growing pains and lacked space for all the projects underway), while Shelby American built the race version. There are some interesting pictures of cars under development and on the race tracks in Friedman's book. Shelby American built the prototype Sunbeam Tigers. So are they strictly a British (Rootes Group) automobile in classification? The simple answer is YES. Although the Shelby name was never attached to the cars, they are uniquely associated with Shelby American in ways that no other non- Shelby badged car can lay claim.
  6. Have the Survival Guides been mailed yet? I have not yet received mine.(May 20th) Thanks
  7. Thanks Ecrissman. I will do more reading on the WOT box.
  8. Pardon my ignorance but what is "the WOT box route". Interested in hearing about the fix when you have more info.
  9. I am planning on joining the cruise from the North (Carlisle) to Summit point on Thursday. I also plan to join the cruise from Winchester VA (Summit Point) to Carlisle on Friday. I am hoping at least part of the group will not be stopping for drag races but will continue from VA to Carlisle directly on Friday. I would like to be in that group. Thanks
  10. Paper comparison of 2012 GT 500 and Camaro Zl1 from Chevrolet Motors: “The Mustang Shelby GT500 comes close with its 550 horsepower, but it just can't catch up to the 580 horsepower performance of ZL1. And again on torque, the 510 lb.-ft. of torque on GT500 can't touch the 556 lb.-ft. on ZL1. Engineering technology is where ZL1 really tops out. While GT500 has a traditional one-piece, solid axle, ZL1 features an independent rear suspension that's free to pivot independently, vastly improving handling and cornering on rough surfaces. As far as suspension, GT500 again goes traditional, with hydraulic, gas-powered shocks, a stark contrast to the Gen-3 Magnetic Ride shocks on ZL1. Oh, and don't look for an available automatic transmission on the Shelby GT500. It doesn't exist.” Source: http://www.chevrolet...ive-comparison/ My 2012 GT500 is bone stock at this point with under 700 miles on it. I was wondering what are the minimum modifications that I would need to undertake to boost horsepower and/or handling to stay a few gallops ahead of the stock 2012 Zl1 Camaro on the street. I am sure others are thinking of this also ... can be an interesting discussion.
  11. Hi Cobrakidz, Your car looks GREAT! I am sure you're will be done and on the road before mine hits the pavement. The engine vents are actually an LAT Option #41. They are a remake of an original pair. They are functional, extracting hot air out of the engine compartment. The hood on my car is the original metal hood. It had a hole cut in and four screw anchor holes around it. Apparently someone had mounted a tach or mirror or what not on the hood close to the driver. Rather than repair it I made a template, made the internal extractor scoops from some 22 gauge metal and cut a hole in the center and attached a fiberglass cobra scoop. I think it turned out good. Keep us informed of your project. Thanks Gene
  12. Great looking motor. AFR Heads? 185s or 225s? DIstributor? Looks to be the original oiling system modified? fordmanpa@gmail.com It will probably be a year or so before I get mine put back together. Gene
  13. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts guys. I will post any progress. Again it will be late fall before I get started on re-assembly.
  14. Wayne the car was originally BRG. I decided to go with a change of color (my preference) to the 1967 Shelby Mustang Dark Moss Green. I have not kept the car original -- change in motor, brakes and rear end (looks stock but is now a 331 ci motor, larger Wildwood front disc brakes, '94 mustang rear disc brakes, and detroit locker rear end 3:07:1 in original Tiger housing with 30 spline axles). Will post more as I get the project underway. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.
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